The Noctilith Crusade Campaign is based on the Narrative Crusade framework introduced in the 9th Edition BRB (page 305). This campaign started back pre COVID and Psychic Awakening. With Psychic Awakening: Pariah this campaign will take place near the Nephilim Sector and the Pariah Nexus.

So, you might ask, “What is the purpose of this campaign?” The main goal is to have fun and experiment with the Narrative Play for Warhammer 40K where fun is more important than winning. The Crusade system has an element of an escalation campaign built in, which makes it a great way to build a new army or a great way to round out an existing army.

In this campaign we want units to be Battle Ready and WYSIWYG. Find units that may be useful in our missions and build and paint them; if you really want to get carried away you could magnetize them so that they are more versatile.

You can think of this campaign kind of like an MMO where you will be building your armies in the setting of an ongoing GW storyline. There will be a few addon rules for our campaign and some new missions.

The beauty of the Crusade System is that armies are free to enter, take a break, or drop from the Crusade as needed. There will not be set games, so each player is required to set up their own games as often as they can work them into their schedule.