C3H-482 Recon Patrol

The upper hive of C3H-482 had seen some massive devastation. The staggering number of ruined buildings and the shear amount of debris clogging the roadway was nearly unimaginable. Torovac could imagine the inhabitants and Astra Militarum dying my the millions; blown apart by exploding ordinance or crushed by tons of falling debris or burned to death in the firestorms that would ravage city blocks after the combat. It took longer than planned to to cover the distance from the LZ to Objective Rally Point.

Once at the ORP, they stashed the extra gear and split in to two smaller forces. This would allow them to cover more ground quicker. Lieutenant Torovac would take “the Reapers” and Squd Rushal who would provide over watch while they searched grid 252-Alpha; Brother Librarian Ordus would take Squads Kyphan and Ort to search grid 253-Beta.

Torovac, Solynus, and Rushal climbed a tall ruins overlooking grid 252-A, what they saw they didn’t much like.

Plans didn’t even make it to first contact with the enemy without needing to be changed, ” thought Torovac to himself. They were behind schedule and the ruins too thick; if the Aeldari were in this grid they could easily ambush the patrol if the Raven Guard was spotted first. Speaking with Corspeak only hasty changes to the mission was.

“Sgt Solynus, combat your squad. Send Battle-Brother Kadryn Shrike and his combat squad to grid 252-A-3. You will remain with me in grid 252-A-1.” gestured Torovac.

Turning to Rushal, “Sgt Rushal, you will take your men to grid 252-A-2, in that tall ruins and provide over watch for Shrike.” Torovac gestured. “Tell your men, we move in 2 minutes.”

Battle-Brother Shrike set out to his combat squad’s assigned area. As they arrived the rest of the patrol was moving to their assigned position. Squad Rushal darted across an alley to the Sanctum Imperialis ruins.

Just as combat squad Shrike was finishing up recon of the area, he caught movement in 252-A-4. His men froze, and faded in to the shadows of the ruins. He keyed his vox 3 short bursts, no words in case communications were compromised, a prearranged signal indicating enemy contact.

Just as Squad Rushal made it across the alley, crashing through the wall of the Sanctum, their vox squawked with static! After hours of silence, the noise seemed loud enough for everyone in the grid to have heard it. Before he even got his hand up for his squad to stop they silently wrapped themselves in their Camo cloaks and all be disappeared. A second squawk! Something was up. Then a third!

Contact!” thought Rushal to himself, as he gestured, unnecessarily to his squad. “No sound of bolter fire, though. That was good, means they haven’t seen us yet!“.

Battle-Brother Koryn caught his attention.

“There is a data terminal over here, and it seems to be working.” he gestured.

“Access it if you can.”

Sgt Solynus entered the ruins of the Basilica Administratum, where he noticed a small, green blinking light under some rubble. As he was motioning to his men to move to the window and cover the area their voxes roared with static! Everyone froze and dropped to one knee, shouldering their bolt rifles.

A second burst of static on the vox!

Something is not right!” Solynus thought to himself. He turned to Lieutenant Torovac to make sure he was reading it too. He was.

A third squawk, followed by silence.


Brother Shrike had keyed his vox on the preselected mission channel so that both forces would know that he had made contact with the Xenos. As the Aeldari were moving into position Shrike keyed his vox 2 time indicating that the enemy was Aeldari, not Death Guard. Most had set up in the ruins across the alley from them, but a squad of Guardians were making their way across the alley to their position. Brother Shrike keyed the vox 1 more time to indicate a small patrol as he signaled his men to hide as best as possible; mission parameters called for avoiding a fire fight as long as possible to give forces time to consolidate.

Having reconnoitered their location, Combat Squad Shrike prepared for action. Meanwhile, Combat Squad Solynus set up to provide covering fire should Shrike decide to regroup, as did Squad Rushal. All they could do is wait – well, that wasn’t all as they began to download as much Intelligence as they could from the active cogitator terminals.

Time seemed to drag for an eternity. Suddenly Sgt Rushal spotted Xenos Dark Reapers climb to the second floor of the ruins on the far side of the huge, obscuring ruins of what was most likely temple to the God Emperor. Despite having cover and being in camo-cloaks, the Xenos weapons managed to hit with an inescapable accuracy. Despite the wound Rushal’s squad decided to hunker down and continue to download the potentially valuable intelligence.

The Aeldari Guardians entered the ruins, using what must have been Eldritch magic, they spotted the Raven Guard and opened fire with their shuriken weapons, before closing for close quarters combat. For weak Xenos the shear number of them managed to take one marine out of the fight.

“Status!” Lieutenant Torovac barked in to the vox.

“One man down. No reinforcements needed!”, came Shrike’s report.

“Lucky shot, we are fine. Continuing to download data.” reported Sgt Rushal.

“Almost there! Where to?” came Sgt Kyphan.

“Reinforce Rushal. Reconnoiter the area and thentake over the data download.” ordered Torovac.

“Roger that!”

Those Xenos Reapers need to be dealt with, now!” Thought Sgt Rushal. “They have to be using Eldritch magics to be putting in fire this accurate. After all, we are Raven Guard Eliminators in the best Camo-cloaks ot the Imperium!

“Kyphan, are you ready to take over the data collection? My men need to return fire, I just had one go down!”

“Roger! I will let you know when we get up to the second floor to take over!” replied Kyphan.

On the inter squad vox Shrike said, “We need to take these Xenos out faster, before they get reinforcements!” as another Battle-brother went down under the weight of blows.

Switching to the mission channel on the vox Shrike reported, “Still holding! May need some help if more Xenos move in to support these Guardians.”

“Roger that!” said Torovac. “Ort! Report!”

“We are almost there, but we are coming from the North and won’t be able to get to Shrike without going through the main Xenos forces.”

“Roger that! When you come on station deal with the Reapers, sending the coordinates and signature. They are tearing up Rushal’s squad!”

“Roger! Coordinates confirmed!”

Then to Shrike, “Hang on brother! Ort will put pressure on the main Xenos forces so that they can’t send reinforcement to your position. The Emperor protects!”

“Rushal, Solynus, continue to down load the data. This could be crucial. Brother Ordus what is your ETA?” asked the Lieutenant.

“I am with Sgt. Ort, we will be on station imminently.” replied the Librarian.

“Excellent! Take the fight to the Aeldari, cut the head off the snake!”

These spindly Xenos fought better than one should expect!” thought Shrike. The Space Marines were giving better than they were taking, but for every 2 or 3 Guardians that fell to the Marines, one of their number was dropping. “At this rate we may not hold out if they get reinforcements.” he thought sardonically.

“It is a good day to die in the service of the Emperor! Victorus aut Mortis!” he called to his combat squad as he caved another Xenos head in. He was proud of his men, “If we die this day, we have done the Emperor proud!” He thought… as more Xenos ran into the ruins. Aspect warriors, their signature put them as Dire Avengers.

Kyphan’s men managed the climb up to the second floor of the and took over the data collection so that Rushal and his lone remaining sniper could keep the head of the Reapers down as Sgt Ort and Brother Ordus entered the fight. In the exchange of fire another fell.

“Kyphan! Run the cable down to the ground floor, I need a place to fall back to, these damned Xenos weapons are too powerful!”

“On it!” cried Kyphan as his men broke through the floor and routed the cable to the ground floor.

Ort’s squad crashed from the rubble into a bomb crater. In an instant he and his men took in the situation and pulled their melta rifles up to the second floor of the ruins in front of them. They were in a fairly exposed position, unlike their prey. it appeared that there was another squad of the Xenos Reapers on the first floor.

Brother Ordus, spied a Xenos Warlock in the ruin and mustered up the force of the warp to smite it. In the psychic scream, the Warlock, grabbed his head and collapsed to the ground.

“All shots to the ones on the second floor and then charge the ones on the first floor!” he ordered his men. The only response was a was the squad firing as one mind. The super heated stream of energy hit with practiced efficiency; there was as an explosion of energy and the targets just disappeared.

As if that was the signal, Squad Ort let the melta rifles drop to their sides on their slings! Charging from the crater they closed the distance to engage the Reapers. The Marines had centuries of training in hand to hand combat, not to mention their superior engineering. As expected the Reapers barely slowed down Ort’s squad on their way to the “head of the snake” – the HUD spotted a Farseer just on the other side of the Reapers.

The footing on the second floor was getting treacherous given the amount of Xenos blood and bodies scattered about. The problem was that there were also Battle-brothers’ bodies there too. Shrike’s men were down to just 3 combat effective. Xenous shurikens were cutting through the softer chinks in the armor. The damage control systems were kicking in, adrenaline, and clotting agents were coursing through their bodies. Just as the last of the Guardians ran off, the Dire Avengers fired their catapults on their way in. Little did they know, even badly damaged Space Marines can put up a nasty fight.

Now that Kyphan was performing the mission objective, Rushal dragged his men down to the second floor and began to treat their wounds. Torovac took a short bit to reconnoiter their grid location as Solynus continued to download the valuable data. And Shrike’s men continued to fight as the next wave of Dire Avengers crashed into their combat. Meanwhile, across the alley Ort was taking a beating as the Xenos psyker hit them with a blast of pychic energy taking out one of his men and the Dire Avengers stopped their attempt to gather intelligence from a cogitator terminal and attach the Space Marines with a fury that was not expected.

Brother Ordus ran up to the wall of the ruins, unseen by the Farseer, who, locked in mortal combat with the last of Squad Ort didn’t see the Space Marine Librarian preparing the powers of the Immaterium to smite the Xenos from existence. As the enemy leader fell with a shudder the Dire Avengers focused all the energies into avenging their leader. With an animal purpose they swarmed Ort to the ground in what they thought was a mortal wound before fleeing.

On the other side of the alley the swarm of Dire Avangers managed to take down Shrike before, like their brothers, fled into the darkness of the ruins to the West.

Luckily, Squad Kyphan had a Helix Adept in his squad this mission. Though his training was not as extensive as an apothecary, he was able to stabilize the wounded and dying enought to get back to the LZ. Though it took all of Brother D’Kestrel’s training and some prayers to the God Emperor, he was able to get everyone to the Thunderhawk alive.