Questions on Building Order of Battle

There have been some questions on building a Order of Battle for the Noctilith Crusade. I will try to answer them as best that I can.


Q: Does the Order of Battle (think Kill Team Roster) have to Battle Forged?

A: The Order of Battle does not, but you will need to have units in your Order of Battle that will allow you to build Battle Forged Detachments when you play game.


Q: When my units are destroyed in my games are they dead dead?

A: Crusade has a similar step at the end of the battle as Kill Team did called Out of Action step. For each unit taken destroyed, roll a d6. On a 1 that unit has to loose XP or take a Battle Scar. We are adding a little more risk to being destroyed. If you roll a roll 2d6. If the results of the 2d6 roll is 3+ you may choose a Devastating Blow or Battle Scar. On a roll of 2 that unit is removed from your Order of Battle – with the exception of Relics, all buffs to that unit are lost. Relics can be given to the replacement Character or an existing Character (provided they qualify) for no additional RP.