Gnaxos the Repugnant – The Plague Spreads

Loyal servant to his primarch Gnaxos has faithfully served the primarch under the flag of the Fecund Ones warband. Gaining the rank of Lord after the events of the Outbreak of Ultramar he has led small bands of attacks against the loyalist marines. Tasked with spreading the newest concoctions of the plague brewers to turn entire worlds into servants of the plague god.

Since the 7th outbreak the small band of plague marines led by Gnaxos has been skipping from planet to planet in search of lost relics to further enhance the forces of the Death Guard.

After a recent campaign in conjunction with warbands of the 3rd plague company against the greenskins, Gnaxos added the Tallyman Feccustus Laliá to his ranks. The Tallyman had rallied Squad Enteritis and The Undying to hold off the waves of greenskins.

The plague fleets continue to patrol the edges of imperial space carefully watching the actions of the loyalists, waiting on their next move…