Combat Squads in 9th Edition Crusade

So, does using the Combat Squad ability count as 2 squads when building a Battle Forged Detachment? Nope. Combat Squad spits during Deployment. But with Combat Squad, you don’t need to have separate Crusade Cards, they are just one big happy unit. Albeit on different sides of the board. LOL (See BRB page 327 the Crusade Appendix)

Both Combat Squad units have to be destroyed to force an Out of Action test. And tallying XP for each combat squad is done on the same Crusade Card, meaning that if either Combat Squad killed something it gets marked on the same sheet… Which I guess, is like split firing and killing two different units.

But Combat Squads count as 2 separate drops, so I would think that they would have two cards…. but it explicitly says there is only one Crusade Card and that both units have to be killed to count as the Squad being killed.

On the down side, your opponent would get to count killing each Combat Squad unit as a unit for tallying their Dealers of Death count.