Burning Battlefield

Mission Briefing

Conflict has destroyed many of the surrounding planets, turning once productive Imperial industrial sectors into wastelands dotted with dangerous remains of refineries and processing plants. Although there are still rich resources to be claimed, those who wish to do so must brave the unpredictable hazards of this industrial death zone.

Mission Rules


The narrative setting for this mission is Sector Mechanicus. If possible you should use as much Sector Mechanicus or industrial style terrain as possible. 


If possible you should use as much Sector Mechanicus or industrial style terrain as possible. Once the terrain is set up, place 4 objective markers on the centerline, midway between the center and each board edge as shown in the deployment map.

Special Rules: 

Flame Underfoot

At the beginning of each battle round, randomly determine one piece of terrain, other than impassable terrain. That piece of terrain is dangerous terrain for the Battle Round as is any open ground within 1” of the terrain.

Perilous Riches

Roll a D6 for each objective marker at the start of each Battle Round. On a roll of 1, each unit within 3” suffers a Mortal Wound. On a roll of a 6, the unit controlling the objective marker gets 1 Experience Point. A unit can only gain 1 Experience Point from Perilous Riches once per battle. 

Mission Objectives

Secure and Sweep: In this mission, if you control an objective marker at the end of your Command phase, it remains under your control unless your opponent controls it at the end of any subsequent phase, even if you have no models within range of it.

Capture and Control (progressive): At the end of each player’s Command Phase, the player whose turn it is scores 10 Victory Points for each of the following conditions they satisfy (for a maximum of 30 Victory Points):

  • They control one or more objective markers.
  • They control two or more objective markers.
  • They control more objective markers than their opponent controls.

This mission objective cannot be scored in the first battle round. 

Victor Bonus

The winner can increase their Supply Limit BY 5 PL for free.

Based on Sector Mechanicus Kill Team Mission Burning Battlefield