Recover Intelligence

Recover Intelligence

Mission Briefing

Strategic intelligence is a weapon more deadly than any amount of plasma warheads or bolt rifles. It often falls to fast-moving, hard-hitting kill teams to seize the data-augurs, orbital uplinks and the like that contain such data and swiftly exload it so that their commanders can out manoeuvre the enemy. Augurs have tracked the crash of an unknown craft on an abandoned world, teams have been dispatched to locate and assess the debris fields amongst the ruins of the possible crash sites.

Mission Rules


The narrative setting for this mission is Sector Imperialis. If possible, ruins terrain features should be set up according to the BRB suggestions on pages 266-269. 


Once the terrain is placed, set up four objective markers midway between the center point and each corner, and one in the center of the battlefield, as shown on the deployment card. These objectives represent debris from the crashed craft.

  • Control objective markers closest to their Deployment Zone – 5 Victory Points each.
  • Control objective markers closest to their Opponents Deployment Zone – 10 Victory Points each.
  • Control the center objective marker – 15 Victory Points.

Mission Objectives

Secure and Sweep: In this mission, if you control an objective marker at the end of your Command phase, it remains under your control unless your opponent controls it at the end of any subsequent phase, even if you have no models within range of it.

Capture and Control (progressive): At the end of each player’s Command Phase, the player whose turn it is scores Victory Points for each of the following conditions they satisfy (for a maximum of 30 Victory Points per Battle Round):

This mission objective cannot be scored in the first battle round. 

Victor Bonus

The victor of this mission gains 2 Requisition Points instead of 1 Resource Points.

Based on Kill Team BRB Mission Recover Intelligence

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