Scavenge Supplies

Mission Briefing

An army requires a lot of supplies to maintain a Battle Ready Status. With all the activity in this sector, scavenging is a necessary part of a Crusade. Planetside warehouses are a prime target, though whether they actually contain spoils worth risk of encountering competitors cannot be foreseen.

Mission Rules


The narrative setting for this mission is Sector Munitorum or Supply Dump. If possible you should use as many crates and cargo containers as possible. If possible, use some small ammo box type scatter terrain to stack on the objective marker to make it even more thematic. When the objective marker is removed in the 4th and 5th battle round, remove the objective marker but leave the crates.

Units that do not fit in the deployment zone must be put in strategic reserves at no cost. They may enter the battle following the Strategic Reserves rules in the Core Rule Book.


Once the terrain is placed, set up four objective markers midway between the center point and each corner, and one in the center of the battlefield, as shown on the deployment card. 

Special Rules: 

If a player controls an objective marker at the end of the battle round, and it has not been identified, they roll a D6 and consulat the following table. The objective marker has then been identified. 

1Nothing of Value: Remove the objective marker.
2-3Curio: Remove the objective maker and immediately gain 2 Victory Points. 
4-5Supplies: Immediately gain 5 Victory Points and 1 Command Point. 
6Vital Resources: Immediately gain 10 Victory Points and 2 Command Point.

Mission Objectives

Secure and Sweep: In this mission, if you control an objective marker at the end of your Command phase, it remains under your control unless your opponent controls it at the end of any subsequent phase, even if you have no models within range of it.

Capture and Control (progressive): At the end of each player’s Command Phase, the player whose turn it is scores Victory Points for each of the following conditions they satisfy (for a maximum of 20 Victory Points):

  • Score 5 victory points for each Supplies objective marker controlled.
  • Score 10 victory points for each Vital Resources objective marker controlled.

This mission objective cannot be scored in the first battle round. 

Victor Bonus

The victor of this mission gains 2 Requisition Points.

Based on Sector Munitorum Kill Team Mission Scavenge Supplies.