Dire Reports at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

As Brother-Librarian Ordos and company approached quake site their auspex readings and communication with the Corvo Mortis became more and more unreliable. Ordos had experienced something similar on the rescue mission at Manufactorum Kappa-90. This was different though, more concentrated, more malevolent. They were still 2 Kliks out and the interference was stronger than at Manufactorum Kappa-90.

“Corvo Mortis, this is Ordos. Do you copy….”

“This …. Moris …. breaking up.” came the reply.

“We are still 2 Kilks out, arrange extraction at AO in 2 standard Terran Hours. Expect total comms black out at AO.”

“Copy….. black out… ” dies in static.

“Mortis, say again.”

“Copy….. black out… AO. Extract…. 2 STH…. at AO.” dies once more in static.

Brother Ordos swapped to the mission channel.

“We are on our own from hear on out. Extraction will be at the AO in 2 STH, so we had better get going.” With that, they all double timed to the AO. The closer they got to the quake site, the more their auspex and vox channels became more unreliable.

It was near impossible to make a coordinated assault. Squd Tev came took up their assigned position on the left flank. Not only was there a communications “fog”, there appeared to be a think “fog” swirling around the ruins. It was an unnatural fog, there was something malevolent about it. It was more than just the normal gases, pollution, and dust swirling around – it was almost as if evil itself had taken on physicals substances. It was as if each particle of dust and an electrical charge – a life of its own.

“Still no contact on the vox with the other units.” Brother Moradus said over the squad vox, more to himself than anyone in particular.

“Nothing on the auspex either.”, replied Brother Tutella.

Over on the right flank, Squad Kyphan arrived and took up their station behind some ruins. Sgt Kyphan, the only one of his men with his helmet off was nearly mesmerized by the motes of contaminants swirling around the AO. There was an acrid smell to the air when taken with out the benefits of the breather filters of the helmets. He watched as the swirls had a slight shimmer to them, as if they were all tiny lights drifting on the air currents.

“….. negative contact with friendly or hostiles.” reported Brother Chovani, breaking Kyphan out of his nearly hypnotic state.

“Very good. Take up defensive positions outside the ruins for now.” Ordered Sgt Kyphan.

Taking up the position in the center were the Reapers and Brother-Apothecary Sixx. There was no word from Brother-Librarian Ordos, Squad Tyris, or Brother-Librarian Kaspor and his force of Vanguard Vets.

Tensions were mounting as the squads on station were waiting to hear from the absent squads. The stillness of the quake site was oppressive, oppressively enough to even be working its malevolent work on the highly incorruptible Space Marines. This site was orders of magnitude more unnatural than the the last time Sgt Sorlynus and he Reapers had encountered its like, back Manufactorum Kappa-90. He was glad that the accompanying 125th Lions of Kivahr were not here, mere humans would not be able to stand up to this level of malevolence.

Then all of a sudden there was action on the right flank. Some garbled vox transmissions indicated that Sgy Kyphan had made contact with the enemy.

“Contact! Contact!” came over the Squad’s vox channel. The prow of a Drukhari boat broke through the clouds of electrified dust and pollution and fired on them. The Raveger must have been as surprised to find Squad Kyphan as Squad Kyphan was to be discovered. The ship fired three quick blasts of its Xenos weapon not hitting a single thing. And then just as fast as it appeared it was gone – retreating back to what presumably was the xenos’ lines.

“Move up into the ruins and take up defensive position! We wait for support. ” ordered the Sgt.

Vox communication was spotty and garbled, even when Sgt Solynus was receiving vox transmission, they were static filled and barely intelligible. The Reapers were moving up into the ruins for cover when Brother-Librarian Ordos and Squad Tyris came on station. They had been delayed by the unnatural interference, unable to get readings to guide them to their station. As it was they missed their assigned location and came up on the right flank.

As Brother Ordos was attempting to get a SitRep a sudden burst of chatter came in from Squad Tev on the right flank. Apparently they had moved up into the ruins when they were ambushed by a unit of Drukhari Incubi. As sudden and frantic as the vox transmissions started, it ended. Nothing but static could be heard.

The Reapers, unable to reach Squad Tev, broke from their cover and moved toward Tev’s las known position. Peering through the windows of the ruins, the Reapers could see the Incubi standing over the prone bodies of Squad Tev. As one they loosed an overwhelming barrage of bolt rifle rounds. Even as the rounds were exploding in the bodies of the Incubi the Reapers charged the Incubi to exact revenge for their fallen battle brothers – successfully.

Through the swirling motes of electrified debris, Squad Tyris could barely make out an Drukhari Raider and more Incubi straight ahead. They moved forward to take a blocking position, firing their bolters at the Incubi. Brother Ordos unleashed psychic powers, however it seems that this interference wasn’t only affecting the auspex and vox; pushing through the interference to harness the warp left Brother Ordos temporarily stunned.

Seeing an opportunity the Xenos Incubi charged Tyris’ men. The Raider moved to cut off Brother Ordos, making it impossible for him to join up with the rest of the patrol; then it opened up with their Disengrator  guns, taking him out of action. The Incubi made short work out of Squad Tyris; apparently they didn’t see the Reapers in the ruins and did not consolidate toward them.

Remembering that the best way to destroy the Xenos Raiders was in close combat the Reapers shot at the unsupecting Incubi, causing them to take cover and charged the Raider. In a single flurry of combat, the Reapers take out the Raider. They consolidated into the Incubi in an attempt to keep them locked in combat. The Incubi were slow to recover from the unexpected burst of bolt rifle rounds and the sudden combat with the Reapers, they did little damage in their attack. The Reapers however acquitted themselves admirably killing 4 of the 5.

Meanwhile on the other side of the battle field Sgt Vaanes and Brother Kaspor dropped from the skies just outside of an enemy cluster that was gathered in a ruins. Brother Kaspor attempted to harness the warp and give Squad Vaanes the Veil of Time and the Might of Heroes. However, while casting the Veil there was a sudden interruption in the flow of the warp energies. Whether this was caused by the strange pylons that had thrust up from the depths in the middle of the sector or the unnatural interference or some strange ability of the Drukhari, it left Brother Kaspor stunned, he was able, though sheer force of will to get the Might of Heroes off on Squad Vaanes, but it left him stunned and injured; unable to accompany Vaanes and his men into combat.

Using their screaming jump packs, Vaanes and his men charged into the ruins; they were unaware that Brother Kaspor was unable to follow. Catching a unit of Kabalite Warriors out of their transport, the three Vanguard Vets with dual lightning claws cut them into ribbons – literally. The two thunder hammers wreaked an impressive amount of damage on the Ravager, unfortunately it still hovered there – listing hard to port, but still a threat.

The one surviving Incubi, through inhuman agility, was able to get around the Reapers and charge Brother Apothecary Sixx removed from action in one inhumanely fast flurry of Xenos blade. Surprised by the speed of the Incubi, the Reapers turned and chased down the Incubi, firing their bolt rifles from the hip as they charged to finish their work. Before Sgt Solynus could reach the Drukhari, it fell in a bloody mass of torn flesh from the exploding bolt rifle rounds.

With the enemy swarming all around them, like angry bees, Squad Vaanes managed to destroy the Xenos Ravager with a few well placed Thunder Hammer strikes before falling back out of the ruins. With their jump packs screaming, they blasted out through the ruin’s walls leaving smoke and debris raining down on the Drukhari. Meeting up with Brother-Librarian Kaspor, Squad Vannes plans their final stand.

The Reapers continued their charge past the ruined body of the last Incubi firing at a Xenos Raider before crashing into it. This Raider proved more sturdy than the last one and withstood everything that Sgt Solynus and his men could throw at it, it appeared to be hardly damaged at all.

Brother-Librarian Kaspor and Squad Vaanes were surrounded and pulled to the ground by the Xenos Archon and Haemoculus along with a number of Wracks. The Raven Guard made a valiant effort, but were all taken out of action.

Just as abruptly as they came, the Drukhari were gone. When the dust cleared Squads Solynus and Kyphon went to collect the dead and wounded. As it turned out the Xenos seemed to take some prisoners when they fled – as is the Drukhri way. All of Squad Vaanes was missing and a few men from Squad Tev. The Thunderhawks were landing, there was no more time to look for those missing in action; but once reinforced, resupplied, and the wounded tended to Brother-Librarian Ordus would return. They would return quickly and with a vengence!