Disappointing SAR at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

The Search and Rescue (SAR) at the Portus Lemanis quake site wasn’t a complete disaster, but it did fail to find any of the missing Battle Brothers from the previous mission.

On the flight back to the Corvo Mortis, Brother Librarian Ordus was in a dark mood. Darker than usual, and that is dark. “He will work through it.” thought Uirroth, as he glanced up from his work of tending to the wounded. Brother Apothecary Uirroth Sixx, was worried about his Battle Brother, he knew how much pressure that Ordus put on himself. Pressure to make this mission a success, but it was more than that. Uirroth knew that Brother Librarian Ordus had made a pledge to do everything in his power to get Brother Lieutenant Torovac back from his dwelling on the battle of ambush and siege by the Warp Ghosts in the Espandor system. Now add to that the loss of the forces in the Drukhari ambush and subsequent failure to retrieve the fallen Brothers, Sixx was worried that it may be too much for the normally dour Brother Ordus.