Lieutenant Reszan Torovac

Lieutenant Reszan Torovac would be considered a Noble Warrior; ever since Espandor III he will take any risk and pay any price to preserve the lives of his battle-brothers.

Lieutenant Reszan Torovac was in command of detachment that was all but destroyed in an action in the Espandor System. He replays the siege by the Warp Ghost raiding party over and over in his head. Despite the years of experience on the Indomitus Crusade, this ambush bothers him more than any other encounter that he was in command of. He lays awake at night wondering if there was something different that he could have done. He lost a lot of good battle brothers that day; he sees their faces when ever he closes his eyes. The only battle-brother from the survivors to accompany him on this mission is Brother Vorkys Ordus, his mysterious librarian.

When he was assigned one of several small demi-companies attached to Battle Group Kallides, sent to investigate the Nephilim Sector, his dark, brooding mood had not lifted at the promise of a new command, he named his detachment, Umbra Redemptio, the Shadow of Redemption. He was not a lone, many of his peers, combat tested all of them, seemed to be a touch broody. Why not? They have all seen things; all suffered loses; all expected to suffer more losses in this indubitable Crusade against the malignant spawn spilling out from the Cicatrix Maledictum. Was it that or just their Primarch’s geneseed working its way to the forefront? Only time will tell.

In the Nephilim Sector the Raven Guard would be the eyes and ears of the Imperium, the mission they were promised were to be small, intelligence gathering missions. There should be no protracted engagements, on taking and holding of ground, just do what his Chapter does best – stealthy insertion, decisive action, and get out with the intelligence or the confirmed kill of an enemy high value target. His men, carefully selected because they excelled in the lessons of 10th Company. Most of which chose the Chapter’s Phobos patterned armor for it protection and stealth abilities.