Operation Retrieval at Pass 0403

High altitude reconnaissance showed that there was some Xenos activity at the battle site. It was the pesky Biel-tan Craftworld, they appeared to be preforming some sort of ritual or activity on the ruins of the webway portal that the Necrons were destroying when engaged by Reconn Force 931. The body of Shyal Chovani was spotted on the top of a rocky outcropping where he took the high position, holding off an overwhelming force of Necrons from pursuing his Battle Brothers down the the valley, thus ensuring their escape.

Auspex readings indicated that this was a Xenos unit that Force Torvac had run into previously. Lieutenant Torovac sketched out a impromptu plan the way up the valley from the LZ. The primary objective is to recover Brother Chavani, minimally his gene-seed; Force Torovac had failed to recover the gene-seed on two previous recovery missions, failure was not an option this morning.

Lieutenant Torovoc was reviewing the auspex readings on his HUD as the covered the 100 clicks to the encounter point. The Xenos Dark Reapers were stationed deep behind enemy lines, behind a wooded copse – their Xenos weapons not requiring line of sight, and seemingly equally well if the enemy stayed put, ran, or fired through dense cover like the the trees. They must be taken out first. There was a mass of Xenos on the back side of the large rock cropping waiting in ambush. On either side of the the outcropping were more copses of trees, and in each were a number Xenos infantry waiting in ambush, covering the choke points. An there were more under the cover of woods flanking the uphill side of the ruined webway portal.

The squad of Dark Reapers on the right flank was assigned to Brother Korvaedyn and his Invictor Tactical Warsuit. The squad on the left flank were assigned Brother Hef and his Land Speeder Tornadoe.

“These Aeldari have done a good job attempting to ambush us, but it is very difficult to spring a trap on a Raven Guard force – we are the masters of the ambush.” Torovoc voxed to to his men with a sneer. “But they can not stand up the withering fire power, nor the ferocity in battle of the Emperor’s finest!”

Under the cover of the dawn fog, Force Torovac made their way to their assigned positions; Brother Ordus would accompany Lieutenant Torovac as close to the outcropping as they thought save. “The Reapers” were to stay at the tree line on the left flank, behind Torovac and Ordus. On the right, at the edge of the trees were Squad Tyris and Squad Trev. Squad Kyphan, with their omni-scramblers were on rear guard duty, with Brother Sixx waiting back there for the body of Brother Chovani to be secured – this is where the earlier recovery missions had failed. The Apothecary rushed in too quickly and was incapacitated before obtaining the Progenoid Glands. Torovac pledged that this wouldn’t happen this time. Chovoani’s single act of heroism demanded that they were successful this time.

Satisfied that they were undetected, Torovac “squawked” the infiltrate command over the vox. The Reapers crept up to the very edge of the outcropping, they could just make out the Xenos Guardians in treeline and held up. On the right Squad Tyris and Trev moved up to the edge of the out cropping until they could just make out the enemy in the tree line on their side.

Korvaedyn and his Invictor Tactical Warsuit moved to the right flank where he could pilot his warsuit up to the edge of a bomb crater. This would give him a good view of his target.

The order to engage was issued. Squads Tyris and Trev moved and took firing positions to engage the Dire Avengers in the trees and still get a charge off on the Guardians behind the outcropping.

The Invictor moved into position and unloaded on the Dark Reapers with every weapon in range. The crumpled and went down. At the same time Brother Hef deftly landed his Land Speeder Tornadoe on the top of the outcropping and fired on his assigned target with withering effect – the went down as well.

On the right Squads Tyris and Tev were firing on the Dire Avengers in the trees to good affect. On the left The Reapers in the front fired their bolt rifles into the Guardians in the trees. With the Emperor’s Judgement reigning down on both flanks the Xenos behind the outcropping had nowhere to go and nothing to shoot at. After the first volley of fire Squads Sorlynus and Tyris charged the confused Xenos behind the outcropping. They were slammed from both sides. Squad Tev held the gap and protected against the counter attack from the remaining Dire Avengers.

The Xenos fell back to open up The Reapers and Squad Tyris to withering shuriken fire which took several of The Reapers out of the fight and 2 of Squad Tyris. Once their Xenos brothers had fired the ones that fell back charged again. That was their mistake, The Reapers annihilated most of the Guardians that charged them and Squad Tyris finished off the 2 Guardians from the initial batch.

Squad Tyris held their position and opened fire into the squad of Guardians on the far back left flank, while The Reapers finished off the remaining Guardians and the Warlock. Brother Hef flew his badly damaged Land Speeder into the path of the Xenos Windrider jet bikes and let fly with everything – killing all three bikes before charging with reckless abandon into the Guardians screening the enemy Warlord. He managed to kill one before having to leap from his destroyed Land Speeder. Brother Korvaedyn fired at the enemies in the trees across the field before engaging with the rear squad of Dire Avengers. He annihilated them in close combat.

Meanwhile Apothecary Sixx scrambled to the top of the outcropping to retrieve Brother Chovani’s body and gene-seed. Once that was complete the mop up operations started in earnest.

Sixx jumped down and started to work on the Reaper’s casualties as the rest of the forces closed t he noose around the remaining Aeldari. Squad Tyris took some more casualties but held their position with the Brother Shaevac’s heavy bolter continued to bark out death. The constant pressure form the Raven Guard was too much for the Xenos, some fell to bolter fire while others were crushed by the superior strength of the Space Marines.

With the area secured, Torovac and his men set about destroying the remains of the Xenos webway artifact; while Brother Apothecary Sixx tended to the wounded. Sargent Tyris and Brother Shaevac helped Sixx get the wounded as well as the body of the hero Chovani to the extraction point.