Quaddus Campaign: First Contact

Aun’mo landed planet side in the designated meeting place, a remote ruins at the mouth of a valley. The place was eerily quiet, devoid of any life, not even what the Gue’la call “rats”. Scans showed no signs of life. He tasked the Mal’kor1 team under the command of Mal’kor’ui Ya’va’eldi2 with overwatch of the ruined town. Aun’mo sent Shas’vre Ju’s XV25 Stealth Suits on recon.

Several decs3 later, still no sign of the gue contact, or any life for that matter. If it wasn’t for Aun’mo’s presence the Shas’la would have been very uneasy. The Pech’la4 and their unruly hounds were clucking uneasily in their native language, Aun’mo could tell that they were on the verge of breaking. “Patience isn’t one of their strongest attributes.”, Aun’mo thought to himself.

It was then that the Prech’la hounds began their angry snarling, clucking vocalizations. Their handlers turned them lose and they charged off, the Pech’la behind them. The Shas’la instantly alerted began to take defensive positions, screening their Aun from whatever had set off the hounds.

As the hounds disappeared from Aun’mo’s vision, he said out loud, to no one in particular, “So much for stealth, half the planet can hear those a cursed hounds.” Then from the shadows of the ruined Gue buildings stomped a small group of Y’he5. There were two groups of Warriors, followed by a Hive Tyrant, and a Carnifex lumbering up the right flank.

After some heavy fighting the Y’he Warriors had been rendered combat ineffective and the larger Y’he run off. The only one left uninjured of Aun’mo’s forces was Mal’eldi. By the time T’au reinforcements had arrived to bring the the wounded back to the Fio’ui medical staff, the Y’he had dragged their dead and wounded off as well.

  1. Mal’kor – Vespid Stingwings (Aerial Warriors)
  2. Ya’va’eldi – Strain Leader’s name; means “undying winged one”
  3. Dec – roughly 1.5 Terran hours.
  4. Pech’la – Kroot Carnivores (Kroot warriors)
  5. Y’He – Tyranids

from the dakkadakka Tau dictionary and T’au Lexicon on Lexicanum websites.