Quaddus Campaign: Help Arrives

The shipment of Gue’la1 minerals was late. Very late. The Gue’la should have been at the drop site 4 rotaa2 ago. Tension was high in the convoy, trying to hide this long in the Gue’la system was dangerous. There were not enough military ships in this convey to put up a fight if the Gue’ron’sha3 were to find the convoy lurking this close to an Imperial world. That is when the Kor’la on comms rose from her station and walked over to the Kor’o Au’lys.

Aun’vre Dal’tash Ga’mo sat in the council room awaiting the rest of the Command Council wondering if they were called together because of the tardiness of the Gue’la Il’fannor4 ships. Meditating to put his mind to rest, Aun’mo didn’t hear the rest of the Command Council enter the room. When Aun’mo opened his eyes the rest were watching him patiently, maybe even differentially. Kor’o Au’lys, the convoys Space Commander, was the first to speak.

“Many pardons Aun’vre Dal’tash Ga’mo,” he said quietly, as Shas’o Namura bowed his head ever so slightly. Por’el K’yen was lost in her data-slate. “We have two communications of utmost importance to discuss.”

“The first is from the Gue’la Ruling Caste. It is… strange to say the least. It appears that this system has been abandon by the Imperium of Man.” Only Por’yen seemed to react, she smile ever so slightly. “The Gue’la communication seemed urgent, almost as if they were in a panic. It spoke of high ranking Gue’la from their Ruling Caste disappearing and wide spread panic from the population.”

“The second communication from the Aun’t’au’retha5 was coded for Por’el K’yen.” With that, Por’yen stood, and Kor’lys took his seat.

Por’yen paused, staring at her data-slate. The pause seemed overly dramatic to Aun’mo, but he was used to that from the Water Caste. When Por’yen finally spoke, her voice was lilting, almost dripping with satisfaction. “Greetings esteemed members of the Council, I hold here a communication from the Aun’t’au’retha who have been apprised of the situation in this Gue’la system.” Another dramatic pause, Aun’mo silently sighed. “It is their wish that we take advantage of this… situation; and bring this system into the Tau’va6.”

There was a sudden buzz in the room as the Command Council’s support staff lost composure and started to all ask questions at once. Shas’o Namura cleared his throat and silence returned as quickly as it was broke.

Por’yen continued, “I will negotiate with the Gue Ruling Caste immediately. While these negotiations are commencing, Shas’mura, please assemble a cadre to infiltrate the planet of Kam’al. The mission is to find out where our shipment is.” Turning toward Aun’mo, she continued, “Most esteamed one, Aun’vre Dal’tash Ga’mo, as you are the ranking Aun in this convoy, the Aun’t’au’retha would value your assessment of the situation planet side.”

With that the Quaddus Crusade began!


  1. Gue = human
  2. rotaa = standard Earth Day
  3. Gue’ron’sha = space marines
  4. Il’fannor – merchant
  5. Aun’t’au’retha –  “parliament or senate-like assembly of Aun” (Ethereal Caste)
  6. Tau’va = Greater Good

from T’au Lexicon on Lexicanum website.