Quaddus Campain: Mayday-Mayday?

On the largest, most prosperous planet in the Quaddus system, a small backwater solar system in the Nephilim Sector, Ultima Segmentum, just North of the Pariah Nexus, things were not right. It was hard to put a finger on it, but there had been no interstellar traffic for weeks now. No official response from outside the system. With no official word, no outside the system traffic, and a strange malaise beginning to affect the outer planets the System, the Planetary Governor on Quaddus Primus was starting to get extremely nervous and befuddled by the situation. The situation was growing steadily worse this month. The disappearances of key nobles and military personnel, coupled with no contact with the Imperium was rapidly approaching a breaking point. The time had come, fearing that his system had been abandoned by the Imperium to suffer whatever fate awaited them. The Planetary Governor, Stavros van der Wyld, decided to break with protocol and put out a distress call in all directions on an open channel; right now, he couldn’t be picky on who his potential saviors would be. The Governor recorded all of the details of their plight and had the message broadcast on a loop.

The only planet other than Quaddus Primus that is of interest is Quaddus Quartus, the farthest from the sun, is nothing more than a frozen tundra. A quarantined frozen tundra. Half a millennia ago the planet was first quarantined by the Adeptus Mechanicus, rumor had it that the were there on The Quest for Knowledge when hydro miners uncovered ancient Xenos ruins under the ice. For a hundred years the ruins were kept secret from the  Ordo Xenos, but once they found out the Adeptus Mechanicus personnel were cleansed and a more stringent defense satellite ring was put in orbit.