Revenge at COP 1348 (Vance)

COP 1348 – Vance

The Xenos Beil-tan where tracked to the abandoned COP 1348. When active, COP 1348 was a military science lab studying the strange, unknown energy field that bisected the base. Why the base was abandoned is a mystery, as much in this Emperor accursed system. Two things that Lieutenant Torovac knew for sure was that the Xenos would not learn anything from the science station and that they would pay for what they did to the 125th Lions.

Lieutenant Torovac took Brother Librarian Ordus, Sgt Tev’s squad of Intecessors, Sgt Tyris’ Tactical Marines, “the Reapers” (Sgt Sorlynus’ Veteran Intercessors), Sgt Korvaedyn in his Tactical Warsuit, Brother Apothecary Sixx, and Sgt Ort’s Eradicators.

Lieutenant Torovac led Squad Tyris and Squad Ort with Brother Apothecary Sixx on the left flank, deploying near a bastion trench line. The Reapers split in to two combat squads; Primus led by Sgt Sorlynus and Secundus led by Specialist Shrike. They deployed behind one of the two science labs that formed the nucleus of the base. Sgt Sorlynus held the center with Sgt Korvaedyn and Brother Librarian Ordus. Specialist Shrike and Squad Tev deployed into trench complex on the right flank. The Xenos were set in their armored transport Wave Serpents. Two were stationed behind science building two, on the opposite side of the Shroud and one on their left flank, opposite Specialist Shirke’s position.

The Xenos took the initiative, Dire Avengers disembarked from their transport and shuriken’s filled the air, targeting Specialist Shrike and Sgt Korvaedyn, as the Xenos transport raced at them. Squad Tev circled around the bunker on the far right flank to get line of sight on the Dire Avengers in the trenches. Firing on the run they were able to get the xenos to take over. As Squad Tev were making their aggressive assault, the Wave Serpent was dead set on taking out Combat Squad Secundus. Crashing into the Wall of Martyrs it was able to inflict minimum damage. With the right flank in trouble, Brother Ordus summoned the warp and imbued his sword with the power of the warp. With power of Spectral Blade, he and Sgt Korvaedyn charged the flank of the Wave Serpent. The Spectral Blade proved too much for the Wave Serpents shields and hull – in one blow Brother Ordus destroyed the enemy transport. Sgt Korvaedyn, looked down from the cockpit of his Invictor Warsuit with an impressed look.

On the left flank the Xenos were much more cautious, the power of Sgt Ort’s melta rifles obviously tempering their enthusiasm to for battle. On the their right flank one of the transports crept slowly forward to take pot shots at Squad Tyris, but in the trenches they were hard to hit. Lieutenant Torovac took Squad Ort and Brother Apothecary Sixx with him to ring the fight to the Xenos. As they drew sight around the Science Building Two the could see Sgt Sorlynus taking his men heading toward the building too. Sgt Ort ordered his men to open up on the Wave Serpent closest to where Combat Squad Primus was expected to breach the building. Their melta rifles burst their superheated energy beams into the helpless Wave Serpent, overwhelmed its energy shield and burnt right through its armor. Ort could see the vehicle drop to the ground and struggle to hover.

The Xenos Warlord must have not noticed Sgt Sorlynus’ Primus squad or misjudged their threat; the disembarked and began to study the cogitor console. Sorlynus could see them vaguely, vision was hampered by the Shroud and grimy widows of the science buildings. While the enemy warlord’s attention was on the cogitator console, Combat Squad Primus rushed as silently as possible across the no-man’s land between the two science buildings. As the crossed through the Shroud there was a strange feeling. There was a cold that went to core of Sorlynus’ being. He saw his men hesitate a fraction of a second, they were all feeling the same dread – the dread of the warp. No, that wasn’t it either, the Warp brought with it voices, voices of the endlessly tormented creatures of that had been swallowed by the warp. No, this was something much worse, this was total silence. No sounds, no warmth, not even the echo of the dead – total stillness. All of this ran through his mind in the time it took him to complete one stride. As he came through the Shroud he was able to refocus on the task at hand. In the last two steps to the building breaching charges were prepared. Loud explosions as the charges ripped Marine sized holes in the building’s walls. Combat Squad Primus was through the walls and engaging the enemy before the last of the rubble hit the ground. Caught unaware the Xenos Farseer and Warlock presented problem for CB Squad Primus who killed them in a dead run and went to engage the now crippled Wave Serpent.

Heedless of the enemy fire, Squad Tev was not committed as they ran through the hail of shurikens with only crushing the xenos in their bare hands. Even in the midst of the the battle, with deadly shurikens bouncing off their armor when they crossed the Shroud time stopped. This was not the slowing of time as one focuses on the battle, this was like time it self stopped – or as if they crossed to another reality. Tev thought it strange, he could still see the enemy firing at his men, but it was as if the shurekins stopped in mid air. The creepiest thing was that there was no sound! He couldn’t hear his own breathing, nor the beat of his twin hearts. No whirring of cooling fans in his power armor – nothing. And just like that they were through the Shroud; the sounds of battle seemed harsher than normal, bolter fire, shell casings hitting the ground, and the explosive payloads down range. It was just before they made contact at the wall of martyrs that Tev noticed the yellow light on his HUB telling that one of his men did not make it to the trenches. Another fell to the desperate overwatch of the Dire Avengers. How he hated doing hand to hand combat over the trench walls, it offered the enemy too much protection. As the last of the Xenos was eliminated the remaining men took the trench.

With one of the enemy Wave Serpents crippled, Ort tried to account for the other two. On the far sided of the COP he could see the burning wreckage of the third transport. Just then shurikens slammed into his men as the nearest Wave Serpent flew over their heads to the try and take the left flank. Only Squad Tyris was there to hold it. Sgt Ort noticed that one of his men had fallen to a well place shuriken, Brother Apothecary Sixx was on it. Lieutenant Torovac screamed orders to get that Xenos scum. Reversing coarse, Ort sent targeting selection data to his men. Brother Apothecary quickly had the injured man back in the fight. With the Total Obliteration protocol active sis streams of superheated energy crashed into the aft engines of the enemy vehicle. The crumpled vehicle crashed down on the wall as close to a dozen Xenos Dire Avengers poured out of the wreckage. preparing to deal as much death as they could before they were destroyed. When Squad Tyris arose from the floor of the trench, even space marines don’t stand there to take an enemy vehicle straight in the face, the first thing that they saw was the burning wreckage of the transport, the next thing was 10 Dire Avengers preparing themselves after the emergency disembarkation. As one, Squad Tyris opened fire.

On the right flank the Dire Avengers were putting up a valiant fight against CB Secundus Sgt Korvaedyn, and Brother Ordus. Not like they had a chance, but they gave honorable combat, firing their weapons and then charging into combat with Specialist Shrike’s squad. Surprisingly they managed to survive the fight with Shrike’s men, but they absolutely folded when the Invictor Warsuit joined the battle. This time Sgt Korvaedyn dealt the coup de grace before Brother Ordus could swing his sword. Korvaedyn looked down on Brother to wink. He was disappointed when he noticed that Brother Ordus was no longer there. As he checked his auspex he saw that Brother Ordus had used his Shadowstep power to appear at the top of the bastion to over see the last battle.

Sgt Tev looked to the combat that was finishing back at the deployment zone, he was not needed there. He turned his gaze to the crippled Wave Serpent behind Science Building Two as Sgt Solynus was raising his great thunder hammer – he wasn’t needed there either. With their assigned objective was secured, they began to tend to their wounded.

Hoping that there were still more Xenos in the transport, Sgt Solynus raised his thunder hammer to crack the Wave Serpent open like an egg. Much to his disappointment, the transport made a sickening sound as the Xenos Machine Spirt wailed as it died. Glancing around he could see Sgt Tev on the right flank. With the center objective was secured he began to attend to his wounded.

The remaining Xenos were fighting a desperate, hopeless fight. It was a fight that they had no hope of winning, they had to know that. As Sgt Tev’s squad kept the xenos units engaged Sgt Ort, Lieutenant Torovac, and Brother Apothecary Sixx made charges to surround the Dire Avengers. They were falling quickly. Ort was worried that there may not be any left by the time the entered the fray; his worry proved to be unfounded as he and his men leaped into the trench and were able to finish off the last of the two Xenos squads.

With the COP, and vengeance secured, Lieutenant Torovac called in for pick up. Brother Apothecary Sixx treated the wounded. Lieutenant Torovac and Brother Ordus saw to removing the data cores from the two science buildings and planted explosive charges to ensure that no xenos could learn from them.