Supply Cache Hive Promethium Well 82

Having recovered from the ambush at COP Vance (COP 1348) by the Beil-tan, Lux and the 125th, 2nd Company, were assigned to check out promethium well 82 for any useful supplies. The Beil-tan were driven from the area by the Umbra Redemptio forces. Even though the area of operation was clear of Xenos, Lux and the Lions were racing to the well in three Taurox Primes and Squad Medexus being dropped via Valkyrie flying as air support.

They would come on station in the Southwest corner of the complex, setting an command presence behind some cargo containers. This was an ideal place for Command and Control (C2). The Promethium Well 82 was drilled through a rocky out cropping with the complex arrayed around the out cropping. To the East of the well, connected by a raised pipeline, was the refining station. To the North of that were some more cargo containers that would need to be examined. Immediately to the North of the cargo containers designated C2, was a holding station and its large gangways that would allow a decent view of the whole complex spreading out to the East of it.

In the close confines of Taurox Prime KL-8054, Lux was studying the aerial photo of the well complex with his command staff. They were jammed in shoulder to shoulder and the air was stale. All Taurox Primes would rally at C2. From there, KL-1215, containing Squad Solaq would continue to the the West and take up position behind a copse of trees to secure the right flank. Once KL-1215 was in position Valkyrie Super 6-4 would do a fly over before setting down to disembark Squad Medexus and the Tech-Priest Engineseer . Tempestor Prim Lux voxed assignments to the each Tempestor.

Super 6-4 barely was airborne again when vox chatter started about strange Xenos transports appearing from the North. There were multiple transports and attack boats heading directly on an intercept course with the 125th. KL-1215 left their position to block their advance. It worked, they had bought valuable time as Tempestor Prime Lux started to organize the rest of the patrol. KL-1215 moved up, racing to make it to the platform of the elevated pipeline before opening fire on the enemy. Apparently not expecting such tenacity, the came to a brief halt. However, when they answered fire it was overwhelming. In a single volley from all three of their large boats KL-1215 was nearly destroying it. Baling out of their transport, a squad screaming Incubi charged into the badly damaged KL-1215 and finished it off. Squad Solaq came pouring out the hatch, smoke and fire rising from the disabled transport. Xenos continued pouring over the sides of their transports.

In classic fashion, the mission plans rarely survive first contact with the enemy. Especially an enemy that you hadn’t expected; an enemy which so heavily has you out manned and out gunned. Tempestor Prime Lux hastily voxed orders to Squad Solaq to hole the right flank as long as possible preventing the enemy from encircling them. KL-1066 would take Squad Klayde to the West end of Well 82 and hold that corner; boxing out the enemy from reaching the C2 and drawing more of their forces away from Squad Solaq. Tempesor Prime Dor and Squad Medexus would hold the C2 and radio for reinforcements. Lux, Command Squad Tutella, Command Squad Umbra, and the Tech-Priest loaded back up into KL-8054 ready to support either Squad Solaq or Squad Klayde, depending on which flank the enemy sent the most troops to.

Solaq and his men rushed forward to cover; cutting down the Incubis that destroyed KL-1215 in a hail of plasma and hot-shot las fire. Hugging the edge of the rock cropping to gain as much cover as possible, they hunkered down, contesting every inch of ground that the Xenos were going to take.

Both KL-1066 and KL-8054 raced out from behind the cargo containers that made up their C2. Both making top speed to reach their objective, the West end of the rocky outcropping. KL-1066 stopped with its nose round the rocks and unloaded into the disgorged Xenos, while KL-8054 pulled up beside them and launched missiles. This was successful in drawing their attention away from Solaq The pan had worked, KL-1066 and Squad Klayde drew the heat off of Solaq. The majority of the Xenos troops now raced in their as well as drawing fire from the ships. The command transport, KL-8054 took heavy damage.

Squad Klayde disembarked from the transport to take up a position between the transport and the outcropping, while poisoned projectiles spewed from the filthy Xenos. Drukhari or Dark Aeldari… somehow that was a fitting name for these scum thought Klayde. Tempesor Prime Lux and his command staff disembarked from their command transport before it limped forward and took up a blocking position. They took up a position behind KL-1066 while it turned its heavy autocannons on the Xenos, cutting down an Ur-ghl. Things were turning sideways, there was no vox contact with Solaq.

The blocking maneuver by the command transport bought precious time for. The Drukhari gunboats destroyed the KL-8054 but slowed their troops that were on foot.

The Drukharis swarmed forward, Sqaud Klayde cut down another Ur-ghl as the Drukhari raced twoard their position. Suddenly the gun boats went quite as the raced for a shooting angle on the C2 position. The Command staff took up positions to support Klayde as they were crashed into by the enemy warlord, a Archon. One of the smaller attack boats fly over head to take up a position behind the command staff, opening up on the two Command Squads taking them out. Lux called out for a Sit Rep; all the responded were those on the corner objective – at least Tempestor Prime Dor got word out, though it didn’t look like reinforcements would arrive in time.

Tempestor Prime Lux and Squad Leader Klayde fall back to take defensive positions against the West side of Well 82. KL-1066 moves into a blocking position and shoots down yet another Ur-ghl. Things looked bleak as the enemy forces poured around the corner and eliminated the remainder of the 125th Lions of Kivahr patrol