Revenge at COP 1348 (Vance)

COP 1348 – Vance

The Xenos Beil-tan where tracked to the abandoned COP 1348. When active, COP 1348 was a military science lab studying the strange, unknown energy field that bisected the base. Why the base was abandoned is a mystery, as much in this Emperor accursed system. Two things that Lieutenant Torovac knew for sure was that the Xenos would not learn anything from the science station and that they would pay for what they did to the 125th Lions.

Lieutenant Torovac took Brother Librarian Ordus, Sgt Tev’s squad of Intecessors, Sgt Tyris’ Tactical Marines, “the Reapers” (Sgt Sorlynus’ Veteran Intercessors), Sgt Korvaedyn in his Tactical Warsuit, Brother Apothecary Sixx, and Sgt Ort’s Eradicators.

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The Hunt – COP 1348 (Vance)

When Umbra Redemptio heard that Reconn Lux had been ambushed and nearly wiped out, they all became very silent. It was as though a dark storm had suddenly formed overhead in the mess hall. Almost as one, Lieutenant Torovoc’s men set their feast gear on the table and rose as one unit…. on very determined and menacing unit. Though the Scions of the 125th Lions of Kiavahr where not Space Marines, they were Kiavahans and soldiers from the Forsarr Sector, and therefore under the protection of the Chapter. This upstart band of Xenos would pay for this! They had gotten off lightly the other times they met in combat, but not this time.

The Biel-tan had been traced to the abandoned Combat Outpost 1348 (known as Vance), some 135 Klics North of Hive C3H-482, where they ambused the 125th. Cover wouldn’t be as dense as in the Hive City, there would be no ruins, but there would be derelict fortifications and trenches, and bomb craters to provide some cover. COP Vance was set up to study an ancient, linear earthworks which appeared to coincide with an eerie curtain of power running for miles. It may have been this curtain of power that drew the Xenos to the COP; it didn’t matter to Lux, they would not leave.

Ambush at Hive C3H-482

Recon Element Lux, on what was to be a simple information retrieval mission with possible hostile contact by the Aeldari in the are of operations, turned in to an overpowering wipe out by an elite mechanized force of Dire Avengers came at them from both sides of the block. Taurox Primes exploding as the managed to take out one Aeldari transport. Both Kiavahrans and Biel-tan poured out of their transports locking into hand to hand combat. Squad Solaq was holding its own on the right flank with a like number of Xenos; but Squad Medexus was out numbered 20 to 10. They mad a valiant stand, fighting to the last man and taking many Xenos with them, but not enough. Doc’s squad and Squad Klayde were taken out to the last in a vain attempt to buy Tempestor Prime Lux and Tempestor Prime Dor the time to remove the data core from the wreckage. Even the Cullexus Assassin was unable to complete its mission of taking out the Biel-tan Farseer.

Supply Cache Hive C3H-482

Recon Element Lux, 1st Platoon, 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 125th Lions of Kiavahr, has been tasked with securing the supply cache dropped in hive C3H section 482. The vanguard for this operation was Tempestor Prime Lux and Squad Klayde, led by Tempestor Aeorum Klayde; they air dropped a couple of sectors over at C3H-480, and moved through the ruins of the city to the location to recon the site. Following up behind, as QRF, were Taurox Primes KL-1066 containing Squad Medexus and KL-1215 containing Squad Solaq. Ready to air drop in where needed was Tempestor Prime Dor. Biel-tan Aeldari have been spotted in the area.

Operation Retrieval at Pass 0403

High altitude reconnaissance showed that there was some Xenos activity at the battle site. It was the pesky Biel-tan Craftworld, they appeared to be preforming some sort of ritual or activity on the ruins of the webway portal that the Necrons were destroying when engaged by Reconn Force 931. The body of Shyal Chovani was spotted on the top of a rocky outcropping where he took the high position, holding off an overwhelming force of Necrons from pursuing his Battle Brothers down the the valley, thus ensuring their escape.

Auspex readings indicated that this was a Xenos unit that Force Torvac had run into previously. Lieutenant Torovac sketched out a impromptu plan the way up the valley from the LZ. The primary objective is to recover Brother Chavani, minimally his gene-seed; Force Torovac had failed to recover the gene-seed on two previous recovery missions, failure was not an option this morning.

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The Ritual at Pass 0403

Reports indicate that deep in a wooded mountain pass the Biel-tan were conducting a ritual to extract the spirt from the last remaining spirit stone of a destroyed webway portal. The portal was destroyed in an engagement with Necron forces and elements from Task Torce Qeld of the 9th Company. When Task Force Qeld made contact with the Necrons the xenos were in the process of dismantling the webway portal. So distracted they were that Qeld thought that defeating them would be an easy feat. Turns out that the small force that was working on the portal was only the vanguard and Qeld’s forces were soon over run. Only through heroic, even by space marine standards were the wounded able to evac. Sgt Nex stayed behind to ensure that the rest of the reconn force could be extracted.

Torvoc’s mission is to recover Sgt Nex at all costs, stop the Xenos if possible, and recover any Xenos information on why the Necrons may have targeted this webway portal.

The Ritual at Pass 0403 Mission Board Wooded Mountain Pass.

Convoy Recovery Manufactorum Kappa-90

On the heels of the bloody, but victorious encounter with the Death Guard at Manufactorum Kappa-90 Torovac’s men found no survivors from the convey. Bedeviled by the swirling mists that made the auspex scans unreliable and left a general uneasiness, even in the battle-hardened, transhuman space marines. They were forced to give up the searched and called in the Thunderhawk to pick them up. Torovac, Squads Sorlynus, and Squad Tev having their wounds attended to. When the Thunderhawk started a hard bank and began to a hard descend back to the planet’s surface.

Torovac was too injured to participate on the new mission, Brother Librarian Ordus took charge of the mission. Apothacary Sixx, Chaplain Zeed, and Squad Tyris took the left flank in order to recover the missing marine. Brother Korvaedyn was to pilot his Invictor Tactical Warsuit and hold the middle and right flank. Brother Ordus, Squad Sorlynus, and Squad Ort were held back in reserve.

Korvaedyn took the center behind a crashed cargo transport, however, the Aeldari Dark Reapers came in on the far right; they drew line of sight to him and hit him hard. That was their mistake, they didn’t finish him off – he charged at them and opened up on the Dark reapers, wiping out all the reapers but one.

On the left flank Squad Tyris moved up quickly, firing on the move into a squad of Dire Avengers that were trying to prevent them from reaching the location of the downed space marine. On their heals followed Sixx and Zeed. Two Dire Avenger squads held up the advance until more xenos reinforcements could make it. Wave after wave of Banshees disgorged from the Waveserpent and rushed for the flank. They finally rendered Squad Tyris combat ineffective, before Sixx could heal anyone he too was knocked out.

Squad Ort anchored in the center of the field and destroyed the enemy transport, but not before the Banshees disembarked.

As Squad Sorlynus cleaned up the right flank, Brother Ordus was finally able to get Shadowstep to Sixx’s location, but it was too late. The Xenos Farseer had been able to continually disrupt Ordus’ powers, preventing him from getting there in time to make a difference. As Sorlynus and Ort converged on the left flank Chaplain Zeed finally got into a frenzy born of desperation and killed the remaining Dire Avengers and the remnants of the two squads of Banshees eliminating the xenos from the immediate area.

The Thunderhawks was able to land and take the casualties as well as the remaining supplies back to the fleet.

C3H-482 Recon Patrol

The upper hive of C3H-482 had seen some massive devastation. The staggering number of ruined buildings and the shear amount of debris clogging the roadway was nearly unimaginable. Torovac could imagine the inhabitants and Astra Militarum dying my the millions; blown apart by exploding ordinance or crushed by tons of falling debris or burned to death in the firestorms that would ravage city blocks after the combat. It took longer than planned to to cover the distance from the LZ to Objective Rally Point.

Once at the ORP, they stashed the extra gear and split in to two smaller forces. This would allow them to cover more ground quicker. Lieutenant Torovac would take “the Reapers” and Squd Rushal who would provide over watch while they searched grid 252-Alpha; Brother Librarian Ordus would take Squads Kyphan and Ort to search grid 253-Beta.

Torovac, Solynus, and Rushal climbed a tall ruins overlooking grid 252-A, what they saw they didn’t much like.

Plans didn’t even make it to first contact with the enemy without needing to be changed, ” thought Torovac to himself. They were behind schedule and the ruins too thick; if the Aeldari were in this grid they could easily ambush the patrol if the Raven Guard was spotted first. Speaking with Corspeak only hasty changes to the mission was.

“Sgt Solynus, combat your squad. Send Battle-Brother Kadryn Shrike and his combat squad to grid 252-A-3. You will remain with me in grid 252-A-1.” gestured Torovac.

Turning to Rushal, “Sgt Rushal, you will take your men to grid 252-A-2, in that tall ruins and provide over watch for Shrike.” Torovac gestured. “Tell your men, we move in 2 minutes.”

Battle-Brother Shrike set out to his combat squad’s assigned area. As they arrived the rest of the patrol was moving to their assigned position. Squad Rushal darted across an alley to the Sanctum Imperialis ruins.

Just as combat squad Shrike was finishing up recon of the area, he caught movement in 252-A-4. His men froze, and faded in to the shadows of the ruins. He keyed his vox 3 short bursts, no words in case communications were compromised, a prearranged signal indicating enemy contact.

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