Ambush at Hive C3H-482

Recon Element Lux, on what was to be a simple information retrieval mission with possible hostile contact by the Aeldari in the are of operations, turned in to an overpowering wipe out by an elite mechanized force of Dire Avengers came at them from both sides of the block. Taurox Primes exploding as the managed to take out one Aeldari transport. Both Kiavahrans and Biel-tan poured out of their transports locking into hand to hand combat. Squad Solaq was holding its own on the right flank with a like number of Xenos; but Squad Medexus was out numbered 20 to 10. They mad a valiant stand, fighting to the last man and taking many Xenos with them, but not enough. Doc’s squad and Squad Klayde were taken out to the last in a vain attempt to buy Tempestor Prime Lux and Tempestor Prime Dor the time to remove the data core from the wreckage. Even the Cullexus Assassin was unable to complete its mission of taking out the Biel-tan Farseer.

Supply Cache Hive C3H-482

Recon Element Lux, 1st Platoon, 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 125th Lions of Kiavahr, has been tasked with securing the supply cache dropped in hive C3H section 482. The vanguard for this operation was Tempestor Prime Lux and Squad Klayde, led by Tempestor Aeorum Klayde; they air dropped a couple of sectors over at C3H-480, and moved through the ruins of the city to the location to recon the site. Following up behind, as QRF, were Taurox Primes KL-1066 containing Squad Medexus and KL-1215 containing Squad Solaq. Ready to air drop in where needed was Tempestor Prime Dor. Biel-tan Aeldari have been spotted in the area.