Dire Reports at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

As Brother-Librarian Ordos and company approached quake site their auspex readings and communication with the Corvo Mortis became more and more unreliable. Ordos had experienced something similar on the rescue mission at Manufactorum Kappa-90. This was different though, more concentrated, more malevolent. They were still 2 Kliks out and the interference was stronger than at Manufactorum Kappa-90.

“Corvo Mortis, this is Ordos. Do you copy….”

“This …. Moris …. breaking up.” came the reply.

“We are still 2 Kilks out, arrange extraction at AO in 2 standard Terran Hours. Expect total comms black out at AO.”

“Copy….. black out… ” dies in static.

“Mortis, say again.”

“Copy….. black out… AO. Extract…. 2 STH…. at AO.” dies once more in static.

Brother Ordos swapped to the mission channel.

“We are on our own from hear on out. Extraction will be at the AO in 2 STH, so we had better get going.” With that, they all double timed to the AO. The closer they got to the quake site, the more their auspex and vox channels became more unreliable.

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Hive City Portus Lemanis Quake

Still assigned the Ramasus system in the Eastern front of the Nephilum Sector, the Raven Guard battle barge Corvo Mortis (The Raven of Death) was patrolling near the 3rd planet, Ramasus III. After a heavy quakes near the Western fringe of Hive City Portus Lemanis, the Corvo Mortis’ augur data registered a strange phenomena in Hab-Block 306 sector. The reading only lasted for a short time before massive interference made readings impossible. With Lt Torovac indisposed, Brother Ordus was given a secret mission to make planetfall and investigate.