C3H-482 Recon Patrol

The upper hive of C3H-482 had seen some massive devastation. The staggering number of ruined buildings and the shear amount of debris clogging the roadway was nearly unimaginable. Torovac could imagine the inhabitants and Astra Militarum dying my the millions; blown apart by exploding ordinance or crushed by tons of falling debris or burned to death in the firestorms that would ravage city blocks after the combat. It took longer than planned to to cover the distance from the LZ to Objective Rally Point.

Once at the ORP, they stashed the extra gear and split in to two smaller forces. This would allow them to cover more ground quicker. Lieutenant Torovac would take “the Reapers” and Squd Rushal who would provide over watch while they searched grid 252-Alpha; Brother Librarian Ordus would take Squads Kyphan and Ort to search grid 253-Beta.

Torovac, Solynus, and Rushal climbed a tall ruins overlooking grid 252-A, what they saw they didn’t much like.

Plans didn’t even make it to first contact with the enemy without needing to be changed, ” thought Torovac to himself. They were behind schedule and the ruins too thick; if the Aeldari were in this grid they could easily ambush the patrol if the Raven Guard was spotted first. Speaking with Corspeak only hasty changes to the mission was.

“Sgt Solynus, combat your squad. Send Battle-Brother Kadryn Shrike and his combat squad to grid 252-A-3. You will remain with me in grid 252-A-1.” gestured Torovac.

Turning to Rushal, “Sgt Rushal, you will take your men to grid 252-A-2, in that tall ruins and provide over watch for Shrike.” Torovac gestured. “Tell your men, we move in 2 minutes.”

Battle-Brother Shrike set out to his combat squad’s assigned area. As they arrived the rest of the patrol was moving to their assigned position. Squad Rushal darted across an alley to the Sanctum Imperialis ruins.

Just as combat squad Shrike was finishing up recon of the area, he caught movement in 252-A-4. His men froze, and faded in to the shadows of the ruins. He keyed his vox 3 short bursts, no words in case communications were compromised, a prearranged signal indicating enemy contact.

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