Operation Retrieval at Pass 0403

High altitude reconnaissance showed that there was some Xenos activity at the battle site. It was the pesky Biel-tan Craftworld, they appeared to be preforming some sort of ritual or activity on the ruins of the webway portal that the Necrons were destroying when engaged by Reconn Force 931. The body of Shyal Chovani was spotted on the top of a rocky outcropping where he took the high position, holding off an overwhelming force of Necrons from pursuing his Battle Brothers down the the valley, thus ensuring their escape.

Auspex readings indicated that this was a Xenos unit that Force Torvac had run into previously. Lieutenant Torovac sketched out a impromptu plan the way up the valley from the LZ. The primary objective is to recover Brother Chavani, minimally his gene-seed; Force Torovac had failed to recover the gene-seed on two previous recovery missions, failure was not an option this morning.

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The Ritual at Pass 0403

Reports indicate that deep in a wooded mountain pass the Biel-tan were conducting a ritual to extract the spirt from the last remaining spirit stone of a destroyed webway portal. The portal was destroyed in an engagement with Necron forces and elements from Task Torce Qeld of the 9th Company. When Task Force Qeld made contact with the Necrons the xenos were in the process of dismantling the webway portal. So distracted they were that Qeld thought that defeating them would be an easy feat. Turns out that the small force that was working on the portal was only the vanguard and Qeld’s forces were soon over run. Only through heroic, even by space marine standards were the wounded able to evac. Sgt Nex stayed behind to ensure that the rest of the reconn force could be extracted.

Torvoc’s mission is to recover Sgt Nex at all costs, stop the Xenos if possible, and recover any Xenos information on why the Necrons may have targeted this webway portal.

The Ritual at Pass 0403 Mission Board Wooded Mountain Pass.