Install Monitors at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

With Lieutenant Torovac still tied up in the command planning sessions, Brother Ordos was assigned to take monitoring devices down to the Portus Lemanis quake site so that the tech-priests could get better readings in order to study the phenomena caused by the Necron monoliths. Each unit was to carry one self contained device and place it in the ruins, as close to the monoliths as possible. Two monitors per monolith is all that is required, but placing redundant devices is preferred. Once placed, they are to regroup and head for the extraction point.

Disappointing SAR at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

The Search and Rescue (SAR) at the Portus Lemanis quake site wasn’t a complete disaster, but it did fail to find any of the missing Battle Brothers from the previous mission.

On the flight back to the Corvo Mortis, Brother Librarian Ordus was in a dark mood. Darker than usual, and that is dark. “He will work through it.” thought Uirroth, as he glanced up from his work of tending to the wounded. Brother Apothecary Uirroth Sixx, was worried about his Battle Brother, he knew how much pressure that Ordus put on himself. Pressure to make this mission a success, but it was more than that. Uirroth knew that Brother Librarian Ordus had made a pledge to do everything in his power to get Brother Lieutenant Torovac back from his dwelling on the battle of ambush and siege by the Warp Ghosts in the Espandor system. Now add to that the loss of the forces in the Drukhari ambush and subsequent failure to retrieve the fallen Brothers, Sixx was worried that it may be too much for the normally dour Brother Ordus.

Search and Rescue at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

Before the Swift Deliverer had even touched down on the deck of the Corvo Mortis’ Landing Bay 4, Brother-Librarian Ordo had already initiated the Disembark Litany. Klaxons were sounding the warning that the ramp was lowering while the transport was still in the air. Having practiced this thousands of time, Ordos was stepping on the Motis‘ deck at the same time that the Swift Deliverer had settled on its struts.

To the servitors and support personnel he barked, “See to the men, they need to be rearmed, repaired and ready to back in 2 hours!”

He continued heading straight to Quartermaster to requisition jump packs for another squad of Vanguard Vets. The Swift Deliverer was refueled by the time by the time Squad Shaan arrived on deck. It was less than 2 hours before they were on their way back to the quake site.

Brother-Librarian Ordos was even more brooding and ominous than usual on the trip back down to the site. Unable to rely on vox and auspex, a lesson hard learned from the last disastrous encounter at the site, units arriving on station would regroup in the center, where they could protect each other’s flanks.

Dire Reports at Portus Lemanis Quake Site

As Brother-Librarian Ordos and company approached quake site their auspex readings and communication with the Corvo Mortis became more and more unreliable. Ordos had experienced something similar on the rescue mission at Manufactorum Kappa-90. This was different though, more concentrated, more malevolent. They were still 2 Kliks out and the interference was stronger than at Manufactorum Kappa-90.

“Corvo Mortis, this is Ordos. Do you copy….”

“This …. Moris …. breaking up.” came the reply.

“We are still 2 Kilks out, arrange extraction at AO in 2 standard Terran Hours. Expect total comms black out at AO.”

“Copy….. black out… ” dies in static.

“Mortis, say again.”

“Copy….. black out… AO. Extract…. 2 STH…. at AO.” dies once more in static.

Brother Ordos swapped to the mission channel.

“We are on our own from hear on out. Extraction will be at the AO in 2 STH, so we had better get going.” With that, they all double timed to the AO. The closer they got to the quake site, the more their auspex and vox channels became more unreliable.

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Hive City Portus Lemanis Quake

Still assigned the Ramasus system in the Eastern front of the Nephilum Sector, the Raven Guard battle barge Corvo Mortis (The Raven of Death) was patrolling near the 3rd planet, Ramasus III. After a heavy quakes near the Western fringe of Hive City Portus Lemanis, the Corvo Mortis’ augur data registered a strange phenomena in Hab-Block 306 sector. The reading only lasted for a short time before massive interference made readings impossible. With Lt Torovac indisposed, Brother Ordus was given a secret mission to make planetfall and investigate.

Manufactorum Kappa-90

Answering a distress vox from a small supply convoy of Kiavahr PDF on Ziedos, an outlier system on the edge of the Nexus, Torovac put down near where the last call from the convoy came from. It didn’t take long find the ruins of the convoy, their were Aeldari vehicles sprinkled in with the destroyed vehicle. It appeard as if an Aeldari raiding party was responsible for the destruction. The troublesome thing was that there wasn’t any bodies – none! Not from either side, no Aeldari or humans. Torovac’s men searched the remains of the battle. There were strange readings on the auspex, bodies would show up on the HUD, but as they made their way through the swirling wisps of polluted fog. But when they got to the spot there was nothing there.

“There is something unholy happening in this place!” growled Brother Ordus.

“Manufactorum Kappa-90 is 3 klicks to the East, maybe the survivors took refuge there. Brother Ordus, take Squad Solynus and Squad Ort, head to the North end of the manufactorum. I will take the rest and head to the South end.” ordered Torovac.

Both detachments head out. Going was slow because of all the ghost signals coming in on the HUDs.

There were no bodies anywhere! Where are the bodies?“, thought Torovac. “There should be casualties somewhere! There were 30 Kiavahrian Scions along with support personnel, not to mention the xenos bodies. I can understand the xenos taking their dead, but there should be some that were missed.

Plus, if they had time to take their dead, why didn’t they take any of the cargo?” This last thought bothered Torovac. It meant that there had to have been a third party involved that killed xenos and human with equal efficiency. “But why take the bodies?” pondered Torovac.

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Convoy Recovery Manufactorum Kappa-90

On the heels of the bloody, but victorious encounter with the Death Guard at Manufactorum Kappa-90 Torovac’s men found no survivors from the convey. Bedeviled by the swirling mists that made the auspex scans unreliable and left a general uneasiness, even in the battle-hardened, transhuman space marines. They were forced to give up the searched and called in the Thunderhawk to pick them up. Torovac, Squads Sorlynus, and Squad Tev having their wounds attended to. When the Thunderhawk started a hard bank and began to a hard descend back to the planet’s surface.

Torovac was too injured to participate on the new mission, Brother Librarian Ordus took charge of the mission. Apothacary Sixx, Chaplain Zeed, and Squad Tyris took the left flank in order to recover the missing marine. Brother Korvaedyn was to pilot his Invictor Tactical Warsuit and hold the middle and right flank. Brother Ordus, Squad Sorlynus, and Squad Ort were held back in reserve.

Korvaedyn took the center behind a crashed cargo transport, however, the Aeldari Dark Reapers came in on the far right; they drew line of sight to him and hit him hard. That was their mistake, they didn’t finish him off – he charged at them and opened up on the Dark reapers, wiping out all the reapers but one.

On the left flank Squad Tyris moved up quickly, firing on the move into a squad of Dire Avengers that were trying to prevent them from reaching the location of the downed space marine. On their heals followed Sixx and Zeed. Two Dire Avenger squads held up the advance until more xenos reinforcements could make it. Wave after wave of Banshees disgorged from the Waveserpent and rushed for the flank. They finally rendered Squad Tyris combat ineffective, before Sixx could heal anyone he too was knocked out.

Squad Ort anchored in the center of the field and destroyed the enemy transport, but not before the Banshees disembarked.

As Squad Sorlynus cleaned up the right flank, Brother Ordus was finally able to get Shadowstep to Sixx’s location, but it was too late. The Xenos Farseer had been able to continually disrupt Ordus’ powers, preventing him from getting there in time to make a difference. As Sorlynus and Ort converged on the left flank Chaplain Zeed finally got into a frenzy born of desperation and killed the remaining Dire Avengers and the remnants of the two squads of Banshees eliminating the xenos from the immediate area.

The Thunderhawks was able to land and take the casualties as well as the remaining supplies back to the fleet.