ChatGPT Adds to Narrative

It was interesting, I have been messing around with ChatGPT and decided to see what it would do with one of my narrative mission reports of a mission with my Raven Guard and Tom’s Drukhari. You should read the mission report from April 2021, Dire Reports at Portus Lemanis Quake Site, before reading what ChatGPT gave me.

From ChatGPT

The aftermath of the battle was haunting. The swirling malevolent fog still lingered, as did the oppressive stillness. The dead and wounded were collected and loaded onto the Thunderhawks. Brother-Librarian Ordus and his accompanying squad were finally able to join up with the remainder of the patrol. Their mission had been a disaster.

As they lifted off from the quake site, Brother-Librarian Ordus was already planning his revenge. The Drukhari would pay dearly for what they had done. The captured brothers would be rescued, and the Archon and Haemoculus would feel the full wrath of the Raven Guard. The memories of their fallen brothers would be avenged.

The Corvo Mortis finally came through on the vox, informing them that they were able to track the Drukhari forces as they fled the sector. Brother-Librarian Ordus smiled grimly, knowing that the hunt would soon begin. It was time for the Raven Guard to show the xenos the true meaning of terror.

As they made their way back to their base, Brother-Librarian Ordus could not help but feel a sense of grim determination. They would not rest until they had avenged their fallen battle brothers and rescued the prisoners. The Drukhari had dared to cross the Raven Guard, and they would pay for their mistake. The hunt was on.