Rescue at Promethium Well 82

The distress call came from the 125th Lions of Kiavahr, they were being overrun by Xenos – Drukhri! Lieutenant Torovac was rerouted to Promethium Well 82, no chance to enjoy the total routing of the Beil-tan at COP Vance! At least their were no casualties the Brother Apothecary Sixx couldn’t deal with en route. The intel was thin, the 125th had set up Command and Control (C2) in the Southwest corner of the complex, behind some cargo containers. The Promethium Well 82 was drilled through a rocky out cropping with the complex arrayed around the out cropping. To the East of the well, connected by a raised pipeline, was the refining station. To the North of that were some more cargo containers that would need to be examined. Immediately to the North of the cargo containers designated C2, was a holding station and its large gangways that would allow a decent view of the whole complex spreading out to the East of it.

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