Quaddus Campaign – Status Phase 3

With the evacuation of the Quaddus System well in hand all the action has consolidate on Quaddus Prime. The Imperial Navy, what’s left of it, teaming up with T’au and Ulthwe ships have been shuttling the human survivors to Quaddus Prime where the Ulthwe have managed to get a webway portal operational and will begin to lead the human survivors to a suitable planet out of this doomed system. The Gene Stealer Cult have secured the mining planet of Quaddus Tertius and are awaiting their ascension. The Tyranid hive has also consolidated to Quaddus Tertius awaiting the rest of their hive to arrive. The Imperial Guard have assumed the logistics for the evacuation of Quaddus Prime. The T’au have been keeping the hoard of Orks from over running the refugee camps while they are also searching for valuable artifacts on Quaddus Quartus. With most of the planets evacuated or abandoned, the T’au are throwing stronger and stronger detachments at the Orks in an effort to buy more time for the Ulthwe and Imperial Guard to get civilians out of the system before the “stilling” or the Tyranids take over the whole Quaddus system.

Quaddus Campaign: Status Report

As Phase 1 of the Quaddus Campaign is coming to an end I thought that I would give a brief status report on the fighting in the system.

The fighting on Quaddus Tertius, the system’s mining world, has been picking up. Reports have come in from Imperial Allies, the T’au Empire and Ulthwe Aeldari, of roaming bands of at least two different Klans of Orks and some Tyranids, not to mention a group of roaming, angry miners. So far, the other planets haven’t reached the level of unrest as Tertius is experiencing.

After weeks of patrols, Quaddus Terrius still remains, for the most part, in the control of the Imperial Governor. With this uneasy stalemate the Planetary Governor, Stavros van der Wyld, is discussing options with his staunchest ally, the T’au. The main discussion item is the impending malaise and how to evacuate the peoples of the Quaddus System, well at least the ruling elite.

There has been no communication from Quaddus Quartus where there has been a strong presence of Adeptus Mechanicus researching ancient alien artifacts. Not even the battalion of Imperial Guard stationed there have reported in days.

Quaddus Secundus is still producing its tithe of food stuff, van der Wyld has decided to pull the troops from the Quartus (assuming that they are still battle ready) to reinforce Secundus.