SD Theta-49

Shadow Force embarked on the Thunderhawk Swift Retribution for the 30 minute flight to the drop zone. The drop zone was 10 klicks from area of operation which will be traveled by foot to ensure the element of surprise. Since there were no last minute changes to the mission, the flight down was jovial, it was good to be back in the saddle again – days on the ship could be so boring. The units were talking smack as they usually do to cut what little tension there was. They agreed to a small side bet on who could kill the most enemy units once contact began. The winner would be crowned “the Reapers” until the next mission; in case units had the same number of kills, the unit that had the most close quarter kills would be deemed the winner.

The Shadow Force disembarked with practiced precision, despite that forces have only been assembled into a fighting force for a relatively short time. Umbra Redemptio was formed right after the decision was made to send a Raven Guard contingent it investigate the Nephilim Sector and the rumored Pariah Nexus. It was decided that the bulk of forces would be drawn from the 10th Company Vanguard and supporting forces from the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 1st.

Squad Rushal (Eliminators) set up at the ramp to cover the disembarkation. Squad Sorlynus (Veteran Intercessors) and Squad Tev (Intercessors) were the first on the ground setting up a perimeter, followed immediately by Squad Ort (Eradicators). Lieutenant Torovac strode down the ramp with Squad Rushal trailing while they scanned the treeline with their powerful scopes.

With Squad Rushal on point, they set out for the 10 klick trip to the are of operation. All communication from here on out would be done using Corspake, a series of hand gestures. Every battle-brother learned this before under going their first Rite of Shadow.

The trip was uneventful.

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SD Theta-49 Mission Parameter Changes

Reszan slept fitfully. In his dreams the Warp Ghosts just materializing from the immaterium in what seemed to be never ending waves. While his battle-brother gave better than they got, there was nothing that could be done when the enemy cared little for their casualties. All the way to the extraction point the Warp Ghosts would materialize in ambush, killing 1 or 2 battle-brothers before being wiped to a man – assuming that you can call them man. Eventually, their Shadow Force made it to the extraction point with their wounded, most of their dead, and all of their precious gene-seed.

In the morning, when he awoke, the sense of foreboding was overpowering. Even his meditation couldn’t shake it. Reszan made up his mind, he summoned his servants and donned his Phobos patterned armor – he would lead this mission. He was sure that Brother Ordus would not take it personally to be replaced on such short notice, or at least he hoped so.

Stopping at the Comm Center of battle barge Deus Imperatoris Vindicari (God Emperor’s Revenge), Torovac checked on the latest auger scans. As he walked into the Comms, Brother Ordus turned to him. Brother Ordus could see the fearsome resignation on his Captain’s face – right then he knew that the premonition that came to him during his meditation was true. Ordus betrayed no emotions on his face, least of all surprise at seeing his Captain was in in his armor, prepared to go to battle.

Captain Torovac asked Brother Ordus to accompany him to the landing bay. On the way there was no conversation and Torovac could get no read on Ordus’ mood. Sighing inwardly, Torovac turned his thoughts back to the mission at hand.

Return to Supply Depot Theta-49

Rumors of a Death Guard ship hanging around an asteroid cluster just outside the Nephlim Sector, near the Imperial Supply Depot Theta-49. Shadow Force Torovac of Umbra Redemptio has been tasked with investigation. Lieutenant Torovac chose Brother Lbrarian Ordus to head a patrol because of his experience The last time a Xenos raid on the supply depot, Brother Librarian Ordus led a combat patrol to Theta-49 successfully preventing the Aeldari from stealing vital supplies.

Patrol Ordus intervening against a Craftword Aeldari raid.

Brother Ordus patrol is to be made up of Veteran Intercessor Squad Sorlynus, Intercessor Squad Tev, Eliminator Squad Rushal, and Eradicator Squad Ort.