The Argovon Crusade Event

I ran an unsuccessful Narrative Crusade event last weekend using the first three Combat Patrol missions. I set up narrative boards for the three missions. I put two Kill Team boards together for the Mission 1 – Sweep and Clear using the sector imperialis sides; Mission 2 – Supply Drop using the ruin sector mechanicus from the 9th edition launch and starter; and Mission 3 – Assassinate taping off a section of a large mat.

Sweep and Clear
Supply Drop

The Argovon System is in the Pariah Nexus so technically it is part of the Noctilith Crusade. Only Charlie and I showed up, we played Sweep and Clear. I lost 40 – 25, but managed to take out his Daemon Prince and two squads of Plague Marines, leaving him with only his Pox Walkers. We both made some mistakes early on. I only lost my Bullgryn, mostly because I got stupid and left them out to be shot and then charged the two remaining in the Plague Marines. My Taurox Prime with the missile Hot Shot Volley Cannon load out, combined with Vengeance for Cadia did some serious work.