Tigrura Prime Campaign Event Practice Run

This week we are doing a practice run of the an event that I am planning to run this Winter or Spring (COVID depending) at D6. This will be another attempt to get the Noctilith Crusade jump started. We will be using the Campaign framework from the War Zone Octarius: Rising Tide book. Since the intent is once again to introduce folks to the Crusade framework in the 9th edition rule book, I decided to keep to the Basic Rule Book’s Crusade Mission Pack and filled in with some custom missions that I converted from Kill Team.

I think that it has a nice flow to the tree. Start with the easy Sweep and Clear mission. If the non-Imperium Attackers team wins, we move to the Supply Drop mission where the Attackers will be sitting up a home base. If the Defenders win we will do the custom mission Recover Intelligence where a Rogue Trader ship has crashed and both sides will want to recover any intelligence that may be on the ship.