Umbra Redemptio Mission 1 Bat Rep

Mission: Core Rules, Crusade CP2 Supply Depot

Opponent: Gnaxos the Repugnant

Shadow Force Torovac successfully beat a Death Guard force at Supply Depot Theta-49. Captain Torovac commanded his combat patrol with amazing efficiency, holding both flanks and contesting the center objective until it was destroyed.

Sgt Sorlynus’ Veteran Intercessors annihilated a 5 man squad of CSM in combat (OK, that may be a bit strong – he killed 2 on the charge and we killed 4 causing the last to run in Morale, but hey, the victor writes the history). At the same time, Sgt Ort’ Eradicators had finished off the remaining 1 CSM with bolt-pistol fire. With their only units left being the Pox Walkers holding the center objective my numbers and the Plague Surgeon moving up the center of the board, and the slow moving Lord of Contagion on our right flank (moving very slowly.

We continued to chip away at the Walkers until we could keep their numbers on the objective the same as our, there by contesting it. And Sgt Tev’s Intercessors baiting the Plague Surgeon out into the open by falling back and setting for the charge. Eventally, Sgt Sorlynus was eventually able to remove the Walkers and Sgt Ort’s Eradicators killed the Surgeon in a hail of melta fire.

Sgt Rushal’s Eliminators held the right flank, holding the objective and firing Hyper Frag rounds and Mortis rounds at the Walkers and Lord of Contagion respectively.

After action:

The game ended up 100 – 20 Raven Guard. We each had 1 unit level up thanks to our Agendas Sgt Sorlynus and his Veteran Intercessors accomplished Reaper and his Lord of Contagion Survived with now wounds. The Raven Guard got the extra Requisition Point by virtue of the commanding victory. We nearly tabled him without loosing a unit (though it was close, the Vet Ints were down to 2 models and Ints was down to just Sgt Tev) Not a single 1 was rolled in the After Action.

The Vet Ints rolled Head Hunters – +1 to hit and +1 to wound vs CHARACTERS. I see Sgt Solynus and his Thunder Hammer ruining some enemy Character’s day.