Manufactorum Kappa-90

Answering a distress vox from a small supply convoy of Kiavahr PDF on Ziedos, an outlier system on the edge of the Nexus, Torovac put down near where the last call from the convoy came from. It didn’t take long find the ruins of the convoy, their were Aeldari vehicles sprinkled in with the destroyed vehicle. It appeard as if an Aeldari raiding party was responsible for the destruction. The troublesome thing was that there wasn’t any bodies – none! Not from either side, no Aeldari or humans. Torovac’s men searched the remains of the battle. There were strange readings on the auspex, bodies would show up on the HUD, but as they made their way through the swirling wisps of polluted fog. But when they got to the spot there was nothing there.

“There is something unholy happening in this place!” growled Brother Ordus.

“Manufactorum Kappa-90 is 3 klicks to the East, maybe the survivors took refuge there. Brother Ordus, take Squad Solynus and Squad Ort, head to the North end of the manufactorum. I will take the rest and head to the South end.” ordered Torovac.

Both detachments head out. Going was slow because of all the ghost signals coming in on the HUDs.

There were no bodies anywhere! Where are the bodies?“, thought Torovac. “There should be casualties somewhere! There were 30 Kiavahrian Scions along with support personnel, not to mention the xenos bodies. I can understand the xenos taking their dead, but there should be some that were missed.

Plus, if they had time to take their dead, why didn’t they take any of the cargo?” This last thought bothered Torovac. It meant that there had to have been a third party involved that killed xenos and human with equal efficiency. “But why take the bodies?” pondered Torovac.

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