Convoy Recovery Manufactorum Kappa-90

On the heels of the bloody, but victorious encounter with the Death Guard at Manufactorum Kappa-90 Torovac’s men found no survivors from the convey. Bedeviled by the swirling mists that made the auspex scans unreliable and left a general uneasiness, even in the battle-hardened, transhuman space marines. They were forced to give up the searched and called in the Thunderhawk to pick them up. Torovac, Squads Sorlynus, and Squad Tev having their wounds attended to. When the Thunderhawk started a hard bank and began to a hard descend back to the planet’s surface.

Torovac was too injured to participate on the new mission, Brother Librarian Ordus took charge of the mission. Apothacary Sixx, Chaplain Zeed, and Squad Tyris took the left flank in order to recover the missing marine. Brother Korvaedyn was to pilot his Invictor Tactical Warsuit and hold the middle and right flank. Brother Ordus, Squad Sorlynus, and Squad Ort were held back in reserve.

Korvaedyn took the center behind a crashed cargo transport, however, the Aeldari Dark Reapers came in on the far right; they drew line of sight to him and hit him hard. That was their mistake, they didn’t finish him off – he charged at them and opened up on the Dark reapers, wiping out all the reapers but one.

On the left flank Squad Tyris moved up quickly, firing on the move into a squad of Dire Avengers that were trying to prevent them from reaching the location of the downed space marine. On their heals followed Sixx and Zeed. Two Dire Avenger squads held up the advance until more xenos reinforcements could make it. Wave after wave of Banshees disgorged from the Waveserpent and rushed for the flank. They finally rendered Squad Tyris combat ineffective, before Sixx could heal anyone he too was knocked out.

Squad Ort anchored in the center of the field and destroyed the enemy transport, but not before the Banshees disembarked.

As Squad Sorlynus cleaned up the right flank, Brother Ordus was finally able to get Shadowstep to Sixx’s location, but it was too late. The Xenos Farseer had been able to continually disrupt Ordus’ powers, preventing him from getting there in time to make a difference. As Sorlynus and Ort converged on the left flank Chaplain Zeed finally got into a frenzy born of desperation and killed the remaining Dire Avengers and the remnants of the two squads of Banshees eliminating the xenos from the immediate area.

The Thunderhawks was able to land and take the casualties as well as the remaining supplies back to the fleet.