Quaddus Campaign: Tainted Gue’fio’shas

While out on routine patrol Aun’mo and his patrol were ambushed by a fast patrol of what appeared to be gue miners. They turned out to be more like the Fio’shas1. They traveled in a large pack with a unit of fast bikes as their shock troops. The battle was tenatious and brutal; their flamer weapons turned out to be too much for the Aun’mo’s patrol to handle. These Gue’fio’sha. These gue’fio’sha fought with a tenacity that was more than that the gue’la, known as Astra Militarum by the Gue, so Aun’mo ordered tests done on one of the remains left behind.

When the tests came back it was discovered that these human worker warriors were tainted. They were not tainted by what the humans call chaos, but something even more insidious – they were tainted by Y’he DNA. These humans were classified as Gue’fio’shas’y’he. Soon, a patrol would be tasked to capture a live specimen for testing.

  1. Fio’shas – Worker warriors
  2. Gue’fio’shas – Human worker warriors
  3. Gue’fio’shas’y’he – Human-Tyranid worker warriors.

from or based on T’au Lexicon on Lexicanum website.