Quaddus Campaign – Status Phase 3

With the evacuation of the Quaddus System well in hand all the action has consolidate on Quaddus Prime. The Imperial Navy, what’s left of it, teaming up with T’au and Ulthwe ships have been shuttling the human survivors to Quaddus Prime where the Ulthwe have managed to get a webway portal operational and will begin to lead the human survivors to a suitable planet out of this doomed system. The Gene Stealer Cult have secured the mining planet of Quaddus Tertius and are awaiting their ascension. The Tyranid hive has also consolidated to Quaddus Tertius awaiting the rest of their hive to arrive. The Imperial Guard have assumed the logistics for the evacuation of Quaddus Prime. The T’au have been keeping the hoard of Orks from over running the refugee camps while they are also searching for valuable artifacts on Quaddus Quartus. With most of the planets evacuated or abandoned, the T’au are throwing stronger and stronger detachments at the Orks in an effort to buy more time for the Ulthwe and Imperial Guard to get civilians out of the system before the “stilling” or the Tyranids take over the whole Quaddus system.

Madkrusha’s Goffs Introduction

Da Boss iz been tired of fighten in spaze. He says we need a good scrap to prove yer werf. Da boss wants to get in a gud fight and take on the umies again. ‘E says da umies got taktics better dan the Blood Axes and more loot than the Freebooters. I thinks Boss iz right, da boyz need to stop muckin about and get in a fight propa. Der be a planet some Freebooterz Kaptain said he seen some fightin brewin. We iz gonna show them green iz best… WAAAGH!  -Grobgen, Madkrusha’s Nob