Startup Meeting

The evening before the official start of the Noctilith Crusade Campaign we had a meeting to discuss some points. There were only 4 of us, but we covered a number of items. Here is a link to the startup meeting recording. Sorry, this time you can hear me, but not the other folks. <sigh>.

Highlights of the meeting.

  • Schedule your own games, with the different level of COVID precautions each person is responsible for setting up their own games with folks that they feel comfortable with.
  • When you set up your game, select your mission before arriving at the table.
  • Order of Battle Google sheet template that you can make a copy of, in a common shared folder, then edit to track your army.
  • Post a pic of your army on The Noctilith Crusade Facebook Group.
  • Do at least a once a month Hangout to discuss things that worked and things that didn’t, epic deeds done by your army, things like that – generally hangout and visit virtually. We would have these rotate to catch the night shift workers as well.
  • We are limiting games that count (actually used to upgrade your army) to just ONE (1) game per week.
  • Do your After Action rolls and upgrades with your opponent after the game. That is sometimes more fun than the game itself. Gives a witness in case someone doesn’t believe that you rolled that Battle Honor or Weapon Upgrade. Also, if a unit in your army earns a Battle Honor or Weapon Upgrade, AND that unit did something utterly amazing in the game you, AND your opponent can agree that narratively it makes sense, you can pick rather than roll.
  • Starting maximum Power Level will be 25 PL and increase by 10 PL each week (so plan requisition points accordingly.
  • There is a spot on the sheet to keep track of your total Intelligence Points.
  • Tracking and spending your Intelligence Points from the Gather Intelligence Action. If you want to roll on the Chance to Learn Intelligence table; spend your points and make your roll with your opponent.