Warhammer 40,000 – Crusade Tips

The Warhammer 40,000 – Crusade Tips article on the Warhammer Community page pointed out something very interesting about the game sizes that I guess I always new, but didn’t actually register until I read it again. It was in their discussion about using Requisition Points to Increase Supply Limit so that you could ad a variety of units so that when playing a 50 Power Level game you had more choice than to just use your entire Order of Battle.

Even if you prefer to play smaller-sized games such as Combat Patrol (maximum 25 Power Level) and Incursion (maximum 50 Power Level), having a larger pool of units available will increase the choice you have.

So, games between 25+ and 50 PL are Incursion level, meaning Incursion missions, 2 agendas, 6 CP, and not limited to a Patrol Detachment (or even 1 Detachment)! That means that week 2 of the campaign when we can play 35 PL games, we are technically playing Incursion level game. These games typically have 4 objective markers to hold, which will leave a lot of objective markers for our low unit count games.