Cadian 331st

Prior to Cadia’s fall the 331st was far from the most celebrated army to hail from the ill fated fortress world. Founded in the latter half of the 41st millennium the small force was assigned to one inglorious duty after another. These ranged from decades long garrison duties to grueling campaigns of attrition where they accomplished little to stand out among countless other units. However, it was this lack of fame that ultimately saved the 331st from dying with their home world.

When Cadia recalled its’ forces from across the galaxy to prepare for the 13th black crusade, the 331st was considered such a low priority that the order to return home didn’t arrive until after the battle was long over. With crushing shame from having not been present during their home world’s final hours the far flung soldiers sought to redeem themselves. With no further orders available from high command, the 331st moved freely throughout the imperium.

Throughout the following decades they would tirelessly defend frontier worlds along the cicatrix maledictum. These acts would finally earn the force well deserved recognition, and eventually a place within the Indomitus Crusade. Unfortunately, this rise to glory was not without great cost. Now less then a quarter of all remaining troops are native born Cadians, a majority being drawn from worlds emulating their culture to some degree. Only the highest ranks of command consist of full blooded Cadians, a fact which these officers take great pride in and plan to uphold to their dying breath if possible.

 HQ Characters

Major George Ackerman:

The man who would one day be known as George Ackerman was born in the slums of a sprawling under hive with the name Tomas. He scoffed at these stories of so called heroic sacrifice as something fools told themselves while they died for better men’s goals. Fiercely intelligent, ambitious, and callous, Tomas easily found a place leading an underhive gang. While he found some satisfaction in this role, Tomas was always searching for a way to escape to the better life he felt was entitled to him.

 The opportunity presented itself when the middle son of a local minor noble stumbled into his gang’s territory. The youth was enjoying one last night of debauchery before shipping out to the PDF to be forgotten by his family. While looting his latest victims body Tomas discovered the boys enlistment documents and chance at something far greater. From his perspective the guard was nothing but a far larger gang in need of new leadership. Casting aside his old life Tomas assumed the identity of the young noble, George Ackerman.

Thanks to his egotistical attitude Ackerman was easily able to assume the role of an aristocrat, while the skills he learned surviving the under hive served him well as a soldier. However, he was never able to rise past the lowest echelon of command much to his disdain. Without ties to one of the hives leading families the former ganger’s career most likely would have ended here. That is, until he was taken as part of a tithe paid to the Cadian 331st resupplying for the Indomitus Crusade.

Now a part of humanities largest offensive since the great crusade, Ackerman was determined to rise through the ranks by any means necessary. He eventually assumed leadership his own company after his former commanding officer was killed under mysterious circumstances. Now as the crusade reaches the outskirts of the Pariah Nexus, Ackerman will look for any opportunity to advance himself regardless of the whoever or whatever gets in his way.