Quaddus Campaign: Help Arrives

The shipment of Gue’la1 minerals was late. Very late. The Gue’la should have been at the drop site 4 rotaa2 ago. Tension was high in the convoy, trying to hide this long in the Gue’la system was dangerous. There were not enough military ships in this convey to put up a fight if the Gue’ron’sha3 were to find the convoy lurking this close to an Imperial world. That is when the Kor’la on comms rose from her station and walked over to the Kor’o Au’lys.

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Quaddus Campain: Mayday-Mayday?

On the largest, most prosperous planet in the Quaddus system, a small backwater solar system in the Nephilim Sector, Ultima Segmentum, just North of the Pariah Nexus, things were not right. It was hard to put a finger on it, but there had been no interstellar traffic for weeks now. No official response from outside the system. With no official word, no outside the system traffic, and a strange malaise beginning to affect the outer planets the System, the Planetary Governor on Quaddus Primus was starting to get extremely nervous and befuddled by the situation. The situation was growing steadily worse this month. The disappearances of key nobles and military personnel, coupled with no contact with the Imperium was rapidly approaching a breaking point. The time had come, fearing that his system had been abandoned by the Imperium to suffer whatever fate awaited them. The Planetary Governor, Stavros van der Wyld, decided to break with protocol and put out a distress call in all directions on an open channel; right now, he couldn’t be picky on who his potential saviors would be. The Governor recorded all of the details of their plight and had the message broadcast on a loop.

The only planet other than Quaddus Primus that is of interest is Quaddus Quartus, the farthest from the sun, is nothing more than a frozen tundra. A quarantined frozen tundra. Half a millennia ago the planet was first quarantined by the Adeptus Mechanicus, rumor had it that the were there on The Quest for Knowledge when hydro miners uncovered ancient Xenos ruins under the ice. For a hundred years the ruins were kept secret from the  Ordo Xenos, but once they found out the Adeptus Mechanicus personnel were cleansed and a more stringent defense satellite ring was put in orbit.

Recon Element Lux, 1st Platoon, 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 125th Lions of Kiavahr

The 125th Regiment was formed to accompany the Raven Guard to the Pariah Nexus. It consisted of 3 battalions. The 1st Battalion was 4 companies consisting of 4 platoons each. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions consisted of 3 companies of 3 platoons each. Each platoon will have minimum of 3 squads and a maximum of 6 squads.

Recon Element Lux makes up 1st Platoon, 2nd Company, 1st Battalion of the 125th Lions of Kiavahr. They are divided into 4 squads, each with a Taurox Prime for a dedicated transport and a Command Squad. They will be supported by a number of Militarum Auxilla 9 Bullgryns and a Astra Telepathica Primaris Psyker (Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator, from Blackstone Fortress to count as). Will be picking up some Aeronautic Imperialis Valkyrie (maybe 3) and a couple of Cult Mechanicus Tech-priest Engineseers.

Chaplain Agapito Zeed

Chaplain Agapito Zeed can only be described as a zealot for the Emperor when in battle. His is a credit to his linage, to the Reclusarch, to 19th Chapter, and to the Emperor of Mankind. When on Deliverance or on the battle barge, Zeed can be found in the Reclusiam, deep in meditation. However, when in battle, the zeal surrounds him like a protective blanket of the Emperor’s love, it is a constant aura that inspires those around him to great feats of never ending energy, as if supplied the God-Emperor himself. When he leads his battle-brothers into battle, his wrathful cries and strident oaths ring across the battlefield, urging untapped energy from those around him.

Librarian Vorkys Ordus

Ordos rarely speaks, and he does pronouncements are laced with prophecy and dark insinuation. He has become even more mysterious since he was attached to the Lieutenant’s command back on Espandor III. On that fateful encounter where many battle-brothers were lost, something changed in Ordos. Like the Lieutenant, Ordos replays the encounter over and over. There has to be something that he missed or was not attuned enough with the studies of the empyrean to notice the heretic Warp Ghosts use of the warp to hide themselves for the ambush.

Librarian Vorkys now spends most of his days immersed in his studies, despite the danger of becoming too “in tuned” with the Sea of Souls, he feels that he must learn more so that the heretics of the warp cannot use its power to strike from the warp. After all, it is the Raven Guard that are to strike from the shadow, unseen and unheard until the trap is sprung – Raven Guard are not supposed to be the victims of that tactic, but they are to be the masters of it! Consumed by his studies, he is becoming more and more detached from his battle-brothers, some feel that he will suffer the same fate as the Primarch if he does not come back to them. because of Ordus’ hard work, he has become so adept at stealth that he is hard to see by those other than his own Battle-brothers.

Madkrusha’s Goffs Introduction

Da Boss iz been tired of fighten in spaze. He says we need a good scrap to prove yer werf. Da boss wants to get in a gud fight and take on the umies again. ‘E says da umies got taktics better dan the Blood Axes and more loot than the Freebooters. I thinks Boss iz right, da boyz need to stop muckin about and get in a fight propa. Der be a planet some Freebooterz Kaptain said he seen some fightin brewin. We iz gonna show them green iz best… WAAAGH!  -Grobgen, Madkrusha’s Nob

Cadian 331st

Prior to Cadia’s fall the 331st was far from the most celebrated army to hail from the ill fated fortress world. Founded in the latter half of the 41st millennium the small force was assigned to one inglorious duty after another. These ranged from decades long garrison duties to grueling campaigns of attrition where they accomplished little to stand out among countless other units. However, it was this lack of fame that ultimately saved the 331st from dying with their home world.

When Cadia recalled its’ forces from across the galaxy to prepare for the 13th black crusade, the 331st was considered such a low priority that the order to return home didn’t arrive until after the battle was long over. With crushing shame from having not been present during their home world’s final hours the far flung soldiers sought to redeem themselves. With no further orders available from high command, the 331st moved freely throughout the imperium.

Throughout the following decades they would tirelessly defend frontier worlds along the cicatrix maledictum. These acts would finally earn the force well deserved recognition, and eventually a place within the Indomitus Crusade. Unfortunately, this rise to glory was not without great cost. Now less then a quarter of all remaining troops are native born Cadians, a majority being drawn from worlds emulating their culture to some degree. Only the highest ranks of command consist of full blooded Cadians, a fact which these officers take great pride in and plan to uphold to their dying breath if possible.

 HQ Characters

Major George Ackerman:

The man who would one day be known as George Ackerman was born in the slums of a sprawling under hive with the name Tomas. He scoffed at these stories of so called heroic sacrifice as something fools told themselves while they died for better men’s goals. Fiercely intelligent, ambitious, and callous, Tomas easily found a place leading an underhive gang. While he found some satisfaction in this role, Tomas was always searching for a way to escape to the better life he felt was entitled to him.

 The opportunity presented itself when the middle son of a local minor noble stumbled into his gang’s territory. The youth was enjoying one last night of debauchery before shipping out to the PDF to be forgotten by his family. While looting his latest victims body Tomas discovered the boys enlistment documents and chance at something far greater. From his perspective the guard was nothing but a far larger gang in need of new leadership. Casting aside his old life Tomas assumed the identity of the young noble, George Ackerman.

Thanks to his egotistical attitude Ackerman was easily able to assume the role of an aristocrat, while the skills he learned surviving the under hive served him well as a soldier. However, he was never able to rise past the lowest echelon of command much to his disdain. Without ties to one of the hives leading families the former ganger’s career most likely would have ended here. That is, until he was taken as part of a tithe paid to the Cadian 331st resupplying for the Indomitus Crusade.

Now a part of humanities largest offensive since the great crusade, Ackerman was determined to rise through the ranks by any means necessary. He eventually assumed leadership his own company after his former commanding officer was killed under mysterious circumstances. Now as the crusade reaches the outskirts of the Pariah Nexus, Ackerman will look for any opportunity to advance himself regardless of the whoever or whatever gets in his way.

Gnaxos the Repugnant – The Plague Spreads

Loyal servant to his primarch Gnaxos has faithfully served the primarch under the flag of the Fecund Ones warband. Gaining the rank of Lord after the events of the Outbreak of Ultramar he has led small bands of attacks against the loyalist marines. Tasked with spreading the newest concoctions of the plague brewers to turn entire worlds into servants of the plague god.

Since the 7th outbreak the small band of plague marines led by Gnaxos has been skipping from planet to planet in search of lost relics to further enhance the forces of the Death Guard.

After a recent campaign in conjunction with warbands of the 3rd plague company against the greenskins, Gnaxos added the Tallyman Feccustus Laliá to his ranks. The Tallyman had rallied Squad Enteritis and The Undying to hold off the waves of greenskins.

The plague fleets continue to patrol the edges of imperial space carefully watching the actions of the loyalists, waiting on their next move…

Lieutenant Reszan Torovac

Lieutenant Reszan Torovac would be considered a Noble Warrior; ever since Espandor III he will take any risk and pay any price to preserve the lives of his battle-brothers.

Lieutenant Reszan Torovac was in command of detachment that was all but destroyed in an action in the Espandor System. He replays the siege by the Warp Ghost raiding party over and over in his head. Despite the years of experience on the Indomitus Crusade, this ambush bothers him more than any other encounter that he was in command of. He lays awake at night wondering if there was something different that he could have done. He lost a lot of good battle brothers that day; he sees their faces when ever he closes his eyes. The only battle-brother from the survivors to accompany him on this mission is Brother Vorkys Ordus, his mysterious librarian.

When he was assigned one of several small demi-companies attached to Battle Group Kallides, sent to investigate the Nephilim Sector, his dark, brooding mood had not lifted at the promise of a new command, he named his detachment, Umbra Redemptio, the Shadow of Redemption. He was not a lone, many of his peers, combat tested all of them, seemed to be a touch broody. Why not? They have all seen things; all suffered loses; all expected to suffer more losses in this indubitable Crusade against the malignant spawn spilling out from the Cicatrix Maledictum. Was it that or just their Primarch’s geneseed working its way to the forefront? Only time will tell.

In the Nephilim Sector the Raven Guard would be the eyes and ears of the Imperium, the mission they were promised were to be small, intelligence gathering missions. There should be no protracted engagements, on taking and holding of ground, just do what his Chapter does best – stealthy insertion, decisive action, and get out with the intelligence or the confirmed kill of an enemy high value target. His men, carefully selected because they excelled in the lessons of 10th Company. Most of which chose the Chapter’s Phobos patterned armor for it protection and stealth abilities.