Librarian Vorkys Ordus

Ordos rarely speaks, and he does pronouncements are laced with prophecy and dark insinuation. He has become even more mysterious since he was attached to the Lieutenant’s command back on Espandor III. On that fateful encounter where many battle-brothers were lost, something changed in Ordos. Like the Lieutenant, Ordos replays the encounter over and over. There has to be something that he missed or was not attuned enough with the studies of the empyrean to notice the heretic Warp Ghosts use of the warp to hide themselves for the ambush.

Librarian Vorkys now spends most of his days immersed in his studies, despite the danger of becoming too “in tuned” with the Sea of Souls, he feels that he must learn more so that the heretics of the warp cannot use its power to strike from the warp. After all, it is the Raven Guard that are to strike from the shadow, unseen and unheard until the trap is sprung – Raven Guard are not supposed to be the victims of that tactic, but they are to be the masters of it! Consumed by his studies, he is becoming more and more detached from his battle-brothers, some feel that he will suffer the same fate as the Primarch if he does not come back to them. because of Ordus’ hard work, he has become so adept at stealth that he is hard to see by those other than his own Battle-brothers.