Down Time

The Deus Imperatoris Vindicari‘s astropaths had picked up a distress call from system 3 days to the South of the fleets, just outside the Pariah Nexus. With the fleet being only 2 days from their assigned AO, the Grand Admiral decided to dispatch the Deus Imperatoris to assist. The Raven Guard battleship dropped out of warp into realspace and plotted a course, the ship’s Captain brought the long range augers online.

Soon after the translation to realspace the astropaths were picking up multiple messages. The most urgent was from Corresh Tertius, designated a Hive Planet, but vast swathes of it have been destroyed; yet to be rebuilt. The reports of Aeldari incursions were corroborated by long-range augur readings. They were picking up energy signatures of Xenos capital ships in the area that matched known Aeldari signatures. A recon patrol would be assembled and sent to Corresh Tertius’ surface, this duty fell to Lieutenant Torovac and his men.

Torovac decide that he wanted Brother Librarian Ordus to help lead this mission since he had very recent experience with the Aeldari in this sector and his insight would be invaluable in planning out the mission. While they planned the men would continue to recuperate and train.

It was decided that Squad Tev would sit this one out since “the Reapers” filled out their ranks to a full 10-man squad with the allocation of more Veteran Intercessors from 1st Company. With Solynus training with his new men and Sgt Tev’s men recovering from their wounds inflicted from the Plague Surgeon’s foul weapons, they were recovering more slowly than Solynus’ men who were injured from standard weapons, Sgt Kyphan’s Infiltrators were training for urban combat.

As they approached the planet in stealth mode, the augurs picked up a Xenos disturbance in the ruins of an abandoned hive city, designated C3H-482. Lieutenant Torovac would split his patrol into 2 smaller forces; he would take “the Reapers” and Squd Rushal would provide overwatch while they searched grid 252-Alpha in the remains of the Upper Hive. Brother Librarian Ordus would take Squads Kyphan and Ort to search the adjoining grid 253-Beta. Mission parameters are recon only, if contact is made summon reinforcements before engaging.

As they boarded the Thunderhawk that would speed them to the insertion point, a plaza 3 grid locations from their search grids, Sgt Tev’s whole squad, walking wounded and all, were there to see them off.