Gauge Interest / Announcement of Noctilith Crusade

OK, who is interested in a much more narrative Crusade using 9th Edition Crusade System? I have an over arching story-line that we would use. Tom and I discussed things for nearly 2 hours today for my idea. As I mention earlier, this is an extension of the singles (Kill Teamish) campaign that we started before COVID-19 shut everything down.

First thing is, if you want to use optimized list then this isn’t for you. There will be limits on Named Characters (no one sends Chapter/Craftworld/Legion heroes on a fact gathering mission with “expendable” units. There will be limits to the number of “relic” or “rare” resources (i.e. Relic Contemptor Dreadnoughts, Wraith Kights, Daemon Princes, the like).

This is for the Narrative. I will have a custom narrative Agenda to use as well as a couple of additional things bolted on to the After Action activities.

So, for example someone wants to run a custom Craftworld army in this Crusade Campaign. Here is are some questions to ask:

Humans have gone quiet in the Nexus, there are rumors of a strange calmness in the warp near there

There has been more Necron activity in that area of space

So, why would your small Craftworld care, and why would they send their precious resources there and what would they send to start the investigation?

Would they send a bunch of valuable units?

If this was a recon mission what forces would be in the first Order of Battle

Also, remember that as a custom Craftworld you would be a smaller and therefore have less resources to draw on – in theory