Power Spike

Lieutenant Torovac was notified that orbital scans had detected a huge power surge, in a mechanicus warehouse district in the outskirts of Hive C3H-482. A small force, so as to not attract attention, will be inserted to take control of the psycho-reactive mechanisms for study. If it looks like they will fall into enemy hands they are to be destroyed. Lieutenant Torovac, thinking that this would be an easy mission tasked Sgt Ordane’s Tactical squad, Sgt Kyphon’s Infiltrators, Sgt Rushal’s Eliminators, and Sgt Kyrolius’ Suppressors for overwatch.

They were set down two sectors away and began to move South through the rubble to the AO. Squad Kyphon taking point arrived first, looks like the Xenos Drukhari had beat them to the objectives. Squad Rushal managed to get up onto the second level gangways for the central structure undetected to keep watch on the mechanism at the West end of the complex, designated Objective 2 (O2). Squad Kyphon took up position in some ruins directly North of O2. Squad Kyrolius, switching their jet packs to stealth mode, jumped to the top of the central structure taking overwatch on Objective 1 (O1) on the East end of the complex. Squad Ordane and LT Torovac took up a position behind some cargo continers directly North of O1. Kyrolius reported a xenos transport tucked in the ruins at O1, while Rushal reported some xenos jet bikes tucked behind cargo containers near O2. Umbro Redemptio hunkered down and waited to see what the xenos would do.

Suddenly, there was movement at O2; the Xeno Reaver jet bikes must have spotted Squad Kyrolius on the top of the central structure because they made a mad dash to the top of the structure to open fire. Reports were coming over the Vox from Rushal, Wyches were pouring out from behind the cargo containers and taking up defensive positions behind the Thermo-exchanger Shrine, claiming O2. The Raider started to slowly make its way out from cover behind the ruins. The Reaver jet bikes shot and then slammed into Squad Kyrolius taking one member out out and wounding another. Squad Kyrolius gave as good as it got by attacking back destroying one bike and damaging another.

Squad Kyphon moved through the ruins to gain line of site from the cover to the Wyches, but did little damage. Squad Rushal rushed around to the Southern side of the central structure to draw a line of site on the Raider transport. And LT Torovac and Squad Ordane came out from the cargo containers, taking a position near the Thermo-exchanger Shrine on the West end. Squad Rushal fired their Mortis rounds at the Raider with one round penetrating the hull and exploding. Squad Ordane opened up on the Raider as well, Strekys’ heavy bolter rounds slamming into the xenos transport as well. When the dust cleared the transport was badly damaged. Squad Rushal charged the Reavers from below and finished off the damaged bike.

Seeing that the Infiltrators were making for O2, the Wyches came out from behind the Thermo-exchanger Shrine, to intercept. They fired some completely ineffective pistol fire into the squad. On the West side, the enemy warlord, a Succubus and 5 Wyches poured over the side of the Raider and moved into the ground level of the central structure, as the transport limped out from behind the ruins to take up a supporting position – intervening between Ordane and O1. The Raider fired into Squad Ordane doing nothing while the Succubus and Wyches charged Rushal’s squad from below, wiping them out. The Reaver jet bike dealt a damaging blow, on more Suppressor dropped, leaving Sgt Kyrolius to far away from the bike to attack it.

Squad Kyphon moved inexorably toward the Wych; opening up with their Marksman boltrifles at the optimum time. Bolt rounds exploded in the Wyches taking all but two out of the fight; while the remaining xenos were stunned by the carnage Kyphon’s squad overran the Wytches position killing them to a one and securing O2. On the other end of the battle field, Torovac and Squad Ordane decided to wreak vengeance on the xenos for their devistating attack on Squad Rushal. Torovac leveled Ex Tenebris on the xenos warlord, the Succubus died in a hail of exploding bolter rounds. All of Squad Ordanes fired at the Wyches with the exception of Brother Strekys’ who let loose with his heavy bolter; rounds slamming into the xenos transport. The Wych squad was whittled down to two. Sgt Kyrolius fired his Accelerator Autocannon into the Raider until it it crashed to the ground, a wreck. Squad Ordanes charged through the smoldering wreckage of the xenos boat to engage the enemy in the ruins in an attempt to wrest control of O1. Fighting through the walls of the ruins proved to be harder for both sides that thought.

Two remaining Wyches, fired their pistols and charged Lieutenant Torovac, were screaking out something in their native tongue which Torovac could only assume was some cures for killing their leader. Their pistol fire was as ineffective as their attacks and the LT made short work of them. He then moved up to the lend aid to Squad Ordanes. The Wyches in the ruins held fast, knocking two more of the Squad Ordanes out of the fight, leaving them unengaged. Sgt Kyrolius flew down from his perch on the central structure and lent his fire to that of Squad Kyphon from across the battle field, firing into the Wyches holding O1 steadfastly. The fire proved withering though and all but two exploded.

The Drukahri had had enough, thoroughly beaten, the quit the battle field leaving the mission objectives in the hands of the Umber Redemptio.