Rescue at Promethium Well 82

The distress call came from the 125th Lions of Kiavahr, they were being overrun by Xenos – Drukhri! Lieutenant Torovac was rerouted to Promethium Well 82, no chance to enjoy the total routing of the Beil-tan at COP Vance! At least their were no casualties the Brother Apothecary Sixx couldn’t deal with en route. The intel was thin, the 125th had set up Command and Control (C2) in the Southwest corner of the complex, behind some cargo containers. The Promethium Well 82 was drilled through a rocky out cropping with the complex arrayed around the out cropping. To the East of the well, connected by a raised pipeline, was the refining station. To the North of that were some more cargo containers that would need to be examined. Immediately to the North of the cargo containers designated C2, was a holding station and its large gangways that would allow a decent view of the whole complex spreading out to the East of it.

Smoking wrecks of Taurox Primes marked the obvious signs of battle on both the East and West end of the rocky outcropping. To the East was one transport, while on the West end were two. The remains of the C2 showed no survivors. “The Reapers” and Invictor warsuit moved out to check the wreck to the East while the rest prepared to move out to the West battle scene.

Invictor moved up from trees to fire Xenos. The Reapers moved under the cover of the raised pipeline to fire as well. Reapers charged both the damaged boats, killing the venom in melee – Sgt with T-hammer and severely damaging the Raider. Having no room to charge and make contact with the enemy boats the Invictor stayed behind the gangways supporting the elevated pipeline trying to milk as much cover as possible, knowing that he needed to draw as much enemy fire as possible away from the Reapers. Damaged from the Venom’s explosion, the Reapers were in no shape to handle the combined fire power of the enemy troops and surviving transports. They were rendered ineffective in the ensuing melee, the enemy warlord and his Incubi were devils in combat. The enemy gunboat, Raveger class, seemed to care little for the cover provided by the elevated pipeline gangways, pouring disintegrator fire on Sgt Korvaedyn’s Warsuit, completely disabling it.

Sgt Ort’s squad, having made it around the rocky outcropping too late to support the Reapers was able to extract a certain amount of retribution by vaporizing the Incubi. Hearing that the right flank had collapsed, Sgt Tev advanced his men to hold the flank. Brother Librarian Ordus was right behind them. The enemy moved toward the disabled Warsuit, but were confronted with Squad Tev and Brother Librarian Ordus. Turning their attention toward them they fired their poison weapons; taking cover behind the pipes the Raven Guard were able to avoid any damage.

Brother Ordus was able to call apon the warp to Smite the second enemy Venom, destroying it. The occupants, a squad of Incubi executed an emergency disembarkation. Sgt Tev seeing the enemy in the open and the Xenos Archon poking out from cover chose to send his squad’s withering bolt rifle fire into the Archo – sending him reeling, broken and bloody back into his own men – down and out of the battle. Then Tev charged the Incubi and Ur-ghl, killilng them in bloody hand to had combat.

The Raven Guard patrol fell back to the C2 with the Drukhari giving a token pursuit. Apparently, they had lost their taste for battle under the withering fire from Squad Ort’s melta rifles – who could blame them. Or it could have been the loss of their leader, Squad Tev had done their job and prevented the command squad from being over run, though it was costly – their squad was rendered combat ineffective.

Mission accomplished, awaiting extract. Lieutenant Torovac holding the objective at the rally point radioing for extraction while Squad Ort, Brother Apothecary Sixx, and Brother Librarian Ordus provide overwatch from the top of the Promethium processing tank at the C2. The cover fire from Squad Ort was more than the Xenos wanted to deal with and they quit the battle, taking their dead and wounded as the left.