SD Theta-49 Mission Parameter Changes

Reszan slept fitfully. In his dreams the Warp Ghosts just materializing from the immaterium in what seemed to be never ending waves. While his battle-brother gave better than they got, there was nothing that could be done when the enemy cared little for their casualties. All the way to the extraction point the Warp Ghosts would materialize in ambush, killing 1 or 2 battle-brothers before being wiped to a man – assuming that you can call them man. Eventually, their Shadow Force made it to the extraction point with their wounded, most of their dead, and all of their precious gene-seed.

In the morning, when he awoke, the sense of foreboding was overpowering. Even his meditation couldn’t shake it. Reszan made up his mind, he summoned his servants and donned his Phobos patterned armor – he would lead this mission. He was sure that Brother Ordus would not take it personally to be replaced on such short notice, or at least he hoped so.

Stopping at the Comm Center of battle barge Deus Imperatoris Vindicari (God Emperor’s Revenge), Torovac checked on the latest auger scans. As he walked into the Comms, Brother Ordus turned to him. Brother Ordus could see the fearsome resignation on his Captain’s face – right then he knew that the premonition that came to him during his meditation was true. Ordus betrayed no emotions on his face, least of all surprise at seeing his Captain was in in his armor, prepared to go to battle.

Captain Torovac asked Brother Ordus to accompany him to the landing bay. On the way there was no conversation and Torovac could get no read on Ordus’ mood. Sighing inwardly, Torovac turned his thoughts back to the mission at hand.